Listener experience

Branded interface. Customize Interactio app with your branded logo, add your company name and the branded look. Maximize your brand recognition and instantly build listeners’ trust.
Multiple events and languages. Hold multiple events simultaneously and give your listeners an option to choose the audio channel. Moreover, the listeners are welcome to select the particular translation and listen up to 10 languages at once.
Giving live feedback. Stay ahead of any issues during the event by following live feedback from the attendees. Customize the questions, use the app for event’s Q&A’s, and host live polls and surveys.
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BYO device

Replace traditional hardware. Save your budget and don’t waste any precious time by skipping the hardware rent and omitting a corresponding registration procedure.
Bring Your Own (BYO) device. Using personal headphones/earphones/airpods is not only safe and hygienic option, it also maximizes listeners’ comfort. In case your listeners turn up without personal set of headphones, have some branded goodie bags ready. By handing them out, you make sure that everyone participates without an exception and you build your brand (organization/event) recognition.

Added value features

App integration.  If the attendees run out of storage space and are unable to download the app, they are free to use an integrated app version which you can embed on your website.
Call in function. If your attendees don’t have smartphones; or if there’s no wi-fi at the venue; or if their mobile data runs out; they can always call in and receive the exact same interpretation experience.
Branded hardware. Giving away the welcome bags with branded hardware (earphones, chargers, air pod adapters etc.) is a smart solution to raise your brand awareness. Interactio will take care of it.

Event interpretation management tools

Real time streaming statistics. Check your event statistics in real-time, prevent any technical difficulties and help attendees with poor internet connection instantly.
Recording of your event interpretations. Listen to the interpretation recordings from your event, control interpretation quality and share these recordings with participants who couldn’t come. You can always store them for a future reference and use them for educational purposes.

Want to know more about the event interpretation management?
Download our detailed tutorial (PDF) right here
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