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COFFEE WITH THE WATERMARK CHURCH: on learning and growing together

COFFEE WITH A CLIENT is our new blog series where Interactio team members meet our past and present clients to reflect on the time working together. The non-formal format allows us to share genuine and first-hand impressions that come from the clients themselves.

In 2015, Oscar Castillo became Watermark Church’s director of the cross-cultural engagement in 2015. He had to find the most effective and cost-efficient way to expand the church’s international community by implementing the growing number of Spanish speakers inside the community. At around the same time, Oscar met our director Henrikas Urbonas to share their visions of the future. It was the beginning of a long-term collaboration that progressed into a continual development. This year Oscar and Henrikas met again to reflect on the past two years of the continual process of learning, adapting and finding the strategical solutions to various technical difficulties. This collaboration inspires our team to never stop growing.

We asked Oscar to reflect on the procedure of running the global engagement in the Watermark Church and he smiled. One of his first major challenges, when he joined Watermark, was to find the most efficient technological solution to cater to the non-English speaking church members. Oscar confessed: “honestly, as far as the technology is concerned I haven’t found any other solution that is better than Interactio. I am not saying that because you’re now a friend of mine. I have done the research prior to signing on with you guys, and we are just continually grateful for what you deliver.”

Choosing Interactio

Prior to signing with us, the situation at Watermark church was extremely stressful because the radio transmitters started to get faulty. Oscar told us that replacing them was extremely expensive: “not only we had to replace each radio, we also had to replace each base. So when I did the calculation, I took into an account both the price and the sound quality and compared them to the Interactio software. So, for us, it was a no-brainer. We needed to jump on board here with this new solution and new technology that was going to make the user experience so much easier, and the sound quality so much better. It was really what we were striving for and Interactio gave us both of that.”

However, Oscar explained that the technological properties were not the only reason why Watermark decided to switch to our software. Our team spirit played a significant role in making a decision to switch to Interactio. Oscar ensured that “your team has really been listening to our needs and is always willing to adjust. That’s why we are here after two years now. This spirit that you have really aligns to our church’s desire to be more excellent in what we are after.”

Catering to the specific needs of their community

It’s not a surprise that after two years of great success in expanding the church globally, Watermark is already looking for new ways to improve. Oscar told us that at the time when Watermark started working with Interactio, their goal was to grow their Spanish audience: “from the logistical standpoint, both accessibility and collectivity got so much easier. Now that the Spanish members are already the big part of Watermark, it makes it easier for the others to come and join us.” Hence, the church is already thinking about adding more languages to its portfolio. Our system is able to give Watermark the opportunity to add as many languages and translations as needed without sacrificing the quality of the actual transmission.

But how do our clients make sure that Interactio system is able to cater to all different sizes of their audience? Oscar explained that “every weekend we have more than fifteen thousand people coming and we are blessed by that.” Instantly, he added: “but it’s a lot of traffic. People are jumping on their phones to the internet, and they are supposedly looking at the bible. But we don’t know that. So we have to take all of it into consideration. And you guys were extremely helpful in implementing it. The community is really large, but you gave us the capacity to reach even more people.”

In fact, the procedure of catering to large audiences is no different than catering small audiences. Watermark runs relatively small scale wedding ceremonies where they also use our software. Oscar stated: “that’s the beauty of your solution. All that you need is a laptop and a microphone. The members need to download the app and you are ready to go. I know that you’re working on an even better solution at the moment that I won’t give away that just now.” Henrikas smiled back because we know it’s going to be a game-changer.

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