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Interactio goes remote together with European Institutions: 5 reasons you should do too

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Did COVID-19 mess up your conference or training? Are you left wondering how to pull off your weekly work meeting with an international team?

We, at Interactio, know how to make your plans happen with our new remote participant feature. After successfully helping corporates all over the world with more than 11 thousand events, Interactio steps in to assist European institutions and global organizations in their transition to remote meetings.

Photo by Miguelangel Miquelena on Unsplash

Here are 5 reasons why the remote participant feature will take your online events to the next level, too.

Deliver the message in your audience’s language

It’s time for your audience to get a simultaneous interpretation of the message as you speak. With Interactio remote participant feature, the interpreter will communicate your ideas in real-time, using approved technology instead of hardware devices. You are free to use your own interpreter or Interactio will provide you with top world’s remote professionals in the field. Thus, you don’t need to worry about the language barrier and physical attendance. Simultaneous interpretation online is one click away!

See the video of the speaker

Listening to the powerful talks is good, but watching people deliver them is so much better! Don’t miss out on using the video of your speakers to showcase their unique delivery. Gestures and facial expressions matter. Make sure to use them right!

Listen to your audience’s ideas

Let your audience speak up their ideas as they listen. Unlike our audio streaming version, Interactio remote allows your participants to join in. With no limit to the number of participants and simultaneous interpretation, every voice at your online event will get heard. Worried about the process? Use a moderator with Interactio remote participation tool! All your participants have to do is click on “raise hand” button and queue to speak, using the virtual feature.

Mediate chats and polls

Working with your team in the remote format can be hard. We, at our Interactio team meetings, use the remote participation tool to check on the workflow, talk in the interactive chats, and fill in surveys.

You, too, can engage your audience with Interactio online polls and chat. Let your participants show what they think about your ideas in real-time. Get challenging questions from your attendees. Allow your speakers to jump in insightful online discussions with your listeners. Enhance networking, make meaningful connections, and receive feedback after the event’s over.

See the statistics of your event

Moving your event online is half of the problem. Tracking its statistics is a real nightmare. With Interactio remote, you will see the statistics and full analytics at the end of your event. Analyze your engagement rates, find patterns, and visualize future improvements.

Use dark interface

Did you notice something similar between Netflix, Spotify, and YouTube? All of these apps take advantage of the dark IU, hoping to reduce the eye strain of the viewers. Now, the remote participation feature at Interactio also offers a dark interface to help your attendees enhance focus and reduce cognitive load.

Still thinking about how to handle that multilingual plenary session or postponed conference? It’s obvious! People around the world used Interactio solutions to organize more than 11 thousand events. Maybe we can help with your meetings, too?

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Published on

October 6, 2021

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