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THE FUTURE IS NOW: Welcome to the World of Remote Simultaneous Translation


Technology never sleeps. That explains the fact why it’s always a step ahead of the rest of humanity. While the new tech-solutions are being advanced daily, most of us are waiting to board the train of future-driven trends. Some of those seemingly attractive trends disappear without being noticed. A small handful of smart solutions are recognized for their significance and applied immediately. Simultaneous translation technology is one of these life-changing inventions that have already made an impact on the way we experience the world around us.

Simultaneous translation allows for an interpretation procedure to happen in real-time. That means that the speech is translated by the translator as the presenter is speaking. Contrary to consecutive interpretation, the natural flow of given speech is not disturbed and the listener is able to enjoy a fully authentic experience delivered in his/her native language.

Detailed information on how simultaneous translation works is available here.

THE FUTURE IS NOW: Welcome to the World of Simultaneous Translation

Create unique events

The unique character of simultaneous translation technology is the game-changer solution in the industry of event management. The event no longer needs to be attached to a particular location because simultaneous translation allows for interpreters, listeners (and even speakers) to connect from all around the world.

Since simultaneous translation technology is created to fully adapt to the organizers’ needs, it can be applied in a wide variety of events.

1. Exhibitions and trade fairs

Exhibitions and expositions: arts, products, manufacturers and traders. As visitors are strolling through the exposition gallery, they are able to connect and listen to any presentation given at any location whether it’s a billboard, a display, a conference hall or the guide who is touring around the gallery.

Sound installations and audio performances placed in different rooms. Grab a cup of coffee, relax and tune in – wherever you are at the moment.

THE FUTURE IS NOW: Welcome to the World of Simultaneous Translation

2. Conferences

Large-scale conferences gather huge crowds of attendees. Everything seems to be running smoothly until you realize that some talks are more popular than others and some key-note speakers are causing the queues to form. Simultaneous interpretation is an excellent problem solver since it gives the opportunity for the audience members to join the event, even if the group is overcrowded. Because there’s no need to physically be at the conference hall, the amount of potential attendees can be expanded beyond the four-wall constraints. Think of listeners tuning in from all five continents of the world. The capacity is simply limitless!

More information about Interactio for conferences can be found here.

3. House of worship

THE FUTURE IS NOW: Welcome to the World of Simultaneous Translation

Churches and religious organizations. It might happen that some of your church members aren’t able to attend the Sunday service, lecture or gathering on-site. Meanwhile, some of the church employees and ambassadors might be on duty (at info-desk, the Sunday school for children etc.). All they have to do is connect to the real-time streaming and join the fellow followers in beautiful moment of sacred unity.

More information about Interactio for churches can be found here .

4. Travel

Guided tours and educational trips. Travel agencies that hire local guides use simultaneous interpretation for authentic real-time tour that is delivered in any chosen language.

5. Original events

Limitless possibilities! Think of hosting your event somewhere on a beach by the Pacific Ocean or a beautiful camping site somewhere in the wilderness. Inspire your employees with exotic conference locations, summer-time gatherings, organize team-building events and be creative! The only thing you need is a Wi-Fi signal.

Game-changing solution

THE FUTURE IS NOW: Welcome to the World of Simultaneous Translation

Simultaneous interpretation technology developed by Interactio has advanced the ways we organize, host and attend the events. But it has also replaced the traditional translations devices. Interactio has developed a technology that doesn’t need any additional, heavy and costly translation equipment. There’s no magic – Interactio is an app readily available for a download. Our simultaneous interpretation mobile system streams the real-time audio that comes from your live event directly to the attendees’ smartphones.

More information on why Interactio mobile system excels traditional translation hardware can be found here.

In the end, Interactio app was created to bring a sense of simplicity into the stressful world of event organizing. It allows skipping many ineffective, time consuming and costly steps including equipment rental, logistics management, translation booth construction, distribution of headphone sets, expenses for the on-site interpreters and more. We believe that the listeners are entitled to a fully immersive event experience that is delivered in their mother tongue. During these precious moments of genuine communication where your message spreads without interruption, we realize that we, as a team and as Interactio app developers, are doing something great.

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