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We raised $30M in Series A! Interactio’s Learnt Lessons Beyond Numbers

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30 million dollars. One of the largest Series A investments in the language industry of all time. Numbers and facts are fascinating, right? But today we want to flip the agenda and share simple lessons we learned during seven years of building Interactio.

What’s our philosophy? Why do we believe in remote simultaneous interpretation? How do we approach event technology? You’re about to find out. 

Don’t simply replace hardware with software

We heard this from many people before: remote simultaneous interpretation is about substituting hardware interpretation equipment with a software application. Of course, we provide a technology solution but that’s not the pivotal thing we’re aiming for at Interactio. 

Back in 2015, when we introduced the Interactio App to the multicultural churches that welcome diverse communities to their service, we learned firsthand the true power of speaking in the preferred language. It was no longer about audio receivers, headphones, or on-site booths. It was about better understanding in the community, lower crime rate, more gatherings, more marriages, higher income. 

At that moment, we realized the true meaning of Interactio solution. We’re connecting people. We’re building bridges that bring real value to people, and that’s what matters to us. On the contrary, the means we use to achieve our mission of building bridges to limitless knowledge matters much less. 

Internet-powered app, video-meeting platform, hardware integration with interpretation equipment? We’re ready to find the solution which serves your needs best. 

Grow by learning and listening

We don’t get tired of emphasizing that we learn a lot at Interactio - not just from professional development courses, training, and industry - but also from our clients, interpreters, and partners. In 2016, our Co-Founders traveled to the US to talk to the communities we serve and since then, we’ve developed our product, relying on your feedback, your wants, and your needs. By the way, if you’re reading this message right now and realize you have an idea worth sharing, reach out to us - on social media or by email. We mean it. 

Push for quality in the industry 

We knew that we’re not building a groundbreaking interpretation technology in a vacuum. Our mission depends on the relationships we build with clients, interpreters, partners, investors, and Interactio friends worldwide, and our success is grounded in quality. In the quality of the audio, in the security standards, in the strength of our partnership with AV manufacturers, and in the quality we bring to every listener we connect. In 2019, we joined the ISO working group to push for the highest standards in the RSI industry - not just for our clients but for the entire market that actively tests remote simultaneous interpretation. Today, we firmly believe that our focus on quality enabled us to work with the world’s most important meetings, connecting 300 thousand listeners last year alone. 

Adapt to the situation and reinvent your solution

We won’t bore you with the same-old inspirational stories on agility, flexibility, and the ability to adapt to new challenges. Instead, we want to encourage you to think about your solution beyond the current market reality. How can you serve your mission if the market rapidly changes? When COVID-19 hit, we had to roll our sleeves, rethink our solution, and support organizations that need quality interpretation the most. 

Interested in learning more about our story and lessons learned? Watch our informal panel discussion  

And read more about Interactio’s investment round from TechCrunch

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Published on

August 19, 2021

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