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Interactio receives ISO 27001 certification - top security standard in the industry

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Breaking news! Interactio is officially ISO 27001-certified for all our security processes with a scope of “Remote simultaneous platform services'. 

A meticulous preparation started one year ago finished with an extensive 20-hour two-part audit with 19 security domains and 300+ questions to answer from the ISO certification body. That’s why today we sat down with our Privacy & Security Compliance Lead to talk about the tangible value of ISO 27001. 

What is ISO 27001? 

ISO 27001 is a comprehensive security management system that covers all Interactio domains and ensures that our business processes and services are executed according to the best industry practices. In simple words, experts in security from a third-party organization confirmed that our information security management (ISM) with a scope of remote simultaneous interpretation services is compliant with the highest industry standard.  

Why does it matter? 

ISO 27001 is external proof of Interactio’s commitment to process data in compliance with the highest security standards for all the users of remote simultaneous interpretation platforms. Security and privacy are vital not only for big organizations. They are equally crucial for our interpreters, small and large businesses, and every single listener we serve. At the end of the day, every user is an individual whose privacy rights should be respected and protected regardless of the meeting setup and company size. 

But how exactly do end-users benefit from this certification?

It’s simple. Our end-users feel safe when they log into the Interactio platform, speak, share notes, files, or vote in the polls. Why is that? Because their data is encrypted, protected, and locked from unauthorized access: no one tries to steal their contact data, location data, network information, what kind of systems they use, or their next destination. In the virtual world, where the danger of losing data remains illusory for many, it’s so important to make secure web usage a given. 

What will be the next steps for us?

The work never stops at Interactio, truly, especially when it comes to security and privacy. Here’s what’s on our radar for the near future: 

  • Complete five recommendations from the auditors. Though we didn’t have any issues identified during the audits, we strive to push for the highest standards, following ISO recommendations. Still don’t know what ISO means? Read the number one reason Interactio joined ISO group
  • Conduct an external assessment of privacy. We have already performed an internal evaluation. Now it’s time for us to put our GDRP compliance under the external microscope for review. 
  • Scale the team. Best results need the best people: bright, qualified, and ready to put your privacy & security first. Therefore, we continuously hire global talent and encourage professional growth in any position. 
  • Add to the existing standards. While many consider GDPR a golden standard worldwide, we commit to respecting privacy requirements set by other countries and will expand our certifications based on the US and Asian guidelines. 

Interactio is not just a license or service provider for people who use our remote simultaneous platform. In turn, we strive to be reliable partners globally who understand individual privacy and security requirements, covering complex questions and solving problems for all our stakeholders. 

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Published on

September 20, 2021

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