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Success story: Hillsong Kansas City

This is a story of how Interactio helped enable Hillsong Kansas City to connect to their Spanish-speaking community with the power of remote simultaneous interpretation.
Kansas City, Missouri, United States
Hillsong Kansas City

“We utilize Interactio for our Sunday church services, and they have been an incredible company with very kind employees and an excellent experience. We love working with them!”

Hillsong Kansas City


Originated in Sydney in 1983, Hillsong is a global church that unites communities in faith in more than 30 countries worldwide. After opening its doors to a diverse, multilingual community in March 2019, Hillsong Kansas City quickly realized the need to connect to the entire city, despite the language barrier. The COVID-19 pandemic only exacerbated the demand for interpretation services. Through a revelation from God, Lead Pastors Kyle and Liz Turner cast the vision that Hillsong Kansas City would distribute 1,000,000 meals to people in need throughout the city. Immediately, local residents began to flock to their “Family Fridays” where they would distribute thousands of meals every week to people from varying cultures and languages. The church quickly realized many of the people coming for food primarily spoke Spanish, so they began to look into options for communication through interpretation. Looking for an authentic way to reach their Spanish-speaking community and foster meaningful relationships, Hillsong Kansas City turned to Interactio. Through local interpreters in the congregation and Interactio, Hillsong Kansas City was able to communicate with and resource this community, and to this day has given out nearly 2,000,000 meals!


Hillsong KC shares that the language barrier used to be a deal-breaker for connecting with people that spoke Spanish. With no means to provide interpretation in the members’ preferred language, the Church struggled to make listeners feel at home. To overcome the language barrier, they considered multiple solutions (i.e., walkie-talkies). However, with the hardware limitations and rapidly changing technology culture, they knew they wanted to pursue a more modern solution that would allow them to communicate with multiple in-person locations as well as an online audience.

Main concern 

The interpretation wasn’t the only priority for Hillsong Kansas City. What mattered, even more, is providing equivalent support, care, and, most importantly, words of God to on-site and remote listeners. Setting a benchmark high, church leaders had concerns about finding the right interpreters and ensuring low delay, error-free interpretation, and sufficient bandwidth. 


Moved by the Hillsong mission and commitment to unite communities in faith, we introduced the Interactio audio streaming App to provide Spanish interpretation during Sunday Church services. No interruptions, no hardware, no extra devices - just smartphone and earbuds! Apart from the tech solution, Interactio team also connected church leaders with dedicated Christian interpreters ready to interpret the word of Christ in Spanish. As a result, both on-site and remote members of the Hillsong community regularly listen to the sermon in their preferred language enjoying Interactio remote simultaneous interpretation services. 


Using Interactio services helped Hillsong Kansas City 

  • To exceed their goal and distribute nearly 2,000,000 meals by reaching the Spanish-speaking community in their preferred language.
  • To connect 30-50 regular monthly listeners, enjoying the interpretation in the Spanish language. 
  • To overcome the language barrier, uniting community members with an accessible technology solution. 

What’s next?

The journey of Hillsong Kansas City reaching non-English speaking cultures doesn’t end here. The church leaders will continue bridging communication between diverse communities as they expand the reach of their interpretation services. They add, 

“We hope to add more languages to our Sunday services. Kansas City is very diverse with many different native languages represented. Next, we hope to extend interpretation to Indian and Eastern Asian languages so that we can connect more people in the future and foster stronger community relationships and see more and more lives changed for Jesus.”

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