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Success story: Microsoft

Who said that a conference has to be attended by securing one’s seat? In this study, we show how we partnered with ACS Audio Visual Solutions company and together helped Microsoft to provide their audience with synchronised real-time audio and visual streaming that served those who couldn’t fit into the overcrowded rooms.

“I’m very glad that your system was included in the app. Last year I was here as well, and there were a couple of sessions that I couldn’t attend because the room was too full and of course, there were the screens in the hallway, but you couldn’t hear the audio because nobody turns up the volume and it gets really annoying. And now, with the app connected to the wi-fi you could connect to the actual audio stream which amazingly was synchronised with the video which I guess is quite difficult part to get right. I could easily follow the session through outside room as well so I didn’t miss anything that I really wanted to attend. Please include this again for a next year’s app.”

Arno, “TechDays 2017”


“TechDays 2017” is the premier event dedicated to discovering the endless possibilities of technology that is organized by Microsoft and takes place in Amsterdam. In addition to more than 200 sessions of dedicated content, the event consists of one-on-one sessions with speakers, event tracks with partners, workshops, “hackathons”, exam training and job coaching. The event is run by more than 120 world-class speakers from th Netherlands and around the world.


Due to the nature of such busy and crowded event of tight schedule our client was tempted to find a way to serve the audience overflow. The participants who couldn’t get into the fully packed event session had to be provided with the exact same event experience that was happening inside the conference hall.


11 different sessions happening at the same time were being streamed simultaneously with audio-visual streaming in the corridor. Yet, speakers that were streaming real-time event were unable to provide the translation.


The simple solution proved to be extremely efficient. Interactio hands-free audio streaming app was integrated into “TechDays 2017” event app which made it very easy to use. Event’s AV partner ACS Audio Visual Solutions set the video streaming on site. Every screen had the instructions on how to use Interactio audio streaming system and helped to guide the first time users throughout hassle-free process.


The “TechDays 2017” acquired a modern upgrade for their event experience. Participants weren’t bond to the seats and could move freely, have a coffee or browse the exhibition without missing a single thing said in each of the conference. One participant told us that while he was riding a bike on its way to the conference, he turned on the app to make sure that he would still know what was being said on-site.

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