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Success story: Time to Revive Ministry

Who could have thought that our innovative system is not only about technology? Alongside the content we bring people the authentic experience of the actual moment of speaking. This case study shows how 6000 people spread across the country discovered a very special connection.
Time to Revive Ministry
Time to Revive Ministry

“The interpreters were often impacted in a rather inexplicable way. Several times they shared how during the message, repeating themselves what Kyle was preaching, the Spirit just touched their souls deeply. It was not uncommon for me to go back and check on them as we got started each night, or during the closing, and they were even interpreting the songs. Eyes closed, singing along all by themselves in the room we had set up.”

Scott, Time to Revive.


Time to Revive is a non-profit Christian organisation which hosts prodigious inspirational conferences around the United States. In 2017 Time to Revive decided to organize a large scale event called “Revive Texas” that would host 6000 participants from 350 different churches of various parishes. This was a new experience for the organization since most of their past events were based in one location and lasted for up to a week. Having decided to switch to such a large scale event, our client was forced to change their organizational strategy too. It was crucial to find the most efficient way of transmitting the message to their followers, the majority of which were Spanish speakers.


Time to Revive had previously relied on hosting churches that provide the interpreting equipment on their part. However, the local churches of small communities usually lacked the resources and many of them were not able to offer any translation services. In every single church, the IT facilities differed drastically in their equipment. They proved to be unreliable for such a huge scale conference that was about to happen. The organisation had considered the possibility of renting the equipment for the event, but that would have been way too expensive.

Main Concern

Our client came across a couple of key concerns. First, the organisation had to find a way to provide an excellent real-time translation service delivered in 10 different locations simultaneously. Secondly, they didn’t have a great budget or enough time to walk away from the situation. Time to Revive had to think out of the box and find their own solution. Aaron, a representative from Time to Revive organization, confessed that the situation was really complicated: “at that time we knew that we needed to provide our own interpreting solution or it just wasn’t going to happen”.

First Impression

Time to Revive team met with media director of McKinney Memorial Bible Church named Cameron Sanderson to ask for advice. Sanderson already used Interactio system for his church events and was happy to introduce Aaron to this innovative method of translation. Time to Revive team was greatly impressed with the fact of how cost-effective and easy to use Interactio was and therefore he reached out to our team to find out more.


We immediately started a close collaboration with Time to Revive team and arrived with instant solutions that lead to great success:

– Time to Revive supplied the churches with the wi-fi connection that supported our hands-free hassle-free Interactio system.
– Spanish speaking assistants assisted the guests on-site and provided the information on how the translation procedure works.
– A team of experienced translators worked with Interactio app on daily basis to deliver perfect translation to participants.


“ReviveTexas” event was incredibly successful. Our client praised our system’s flexible and easy set-up that helped to create the bond between speakers, listeners and translators in different places across the country. Many translators confessed that they were emotionally moved by the powerful speeches they were translating. We felt happy to have helped to convey the passion and emotion of the preachers to the community and bring their message to life. Finally, Interactio received extremely high feedback scoring 9.5 out of 10.

Extra Value

After Time to Revive team realised how user-friendly and cost-efficient Interactio system really was, they brought the real-time event streaming to people’s homes. Those participants, who couldn’t make it in person, received the exactly same translation to the one given on-site.

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