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Success story: Weddings

This is the story about how we have worked with a very special couples on their very special day.
United States, Norway, Lithuania, Hungary, Israel, Romania

“My now husband and I were incredibly grateful to be able to setup interpretation so easily. As a multicultural couple, it was so important that both of our families were able to share in this special moment, along with all of our friends. Our service was in English, so being able to offer the interpretation to my in-laws made them feel included and a part of such an important day. We could not have celebrated our union properly if half the family was not able to understand it. The Interactio team was so supportive of our celebration. With every other part of the planning process being so stressful, it was extremely helpful to have one thing I did not have to worry about.”

Bride, United States


Cara and Povilas were thrilled to announce their engagement on December 10th. But as they began preparing for their wedding set for the following August, a special aspect of their relationship suddenly became a big burden. The couple was always proud to be multicultural. Their unique love story involved family and friends from all over the world. But when it came to planning a wedding, how were they to decide who would be allowed to understand the ceremony and speeches? Who would be left to celebrate the couple in isolation? It was clear that the couple needed to offer Interpretation on their special day; but deciding how to do so was the main challenge.


A wedding is a time for a couple to come together, gathered by friends, family and loved ones to celebrate their unity. How do they avoid segregation on a day that is specifically celebrating unity? Having some guests in fancy dress caring around ugly radios and headsets was not an option. For an already long and busy day, having consecutive interpretation would only make the day longer and would ruin the beautiful flow of the day that the couple well orchestrated. Cost was the final challenge. Like most couples trying to keep within a wedding budget, interpretation equipment is not cheap service with the added technical requirements and setup hassle.

Our Solution

When the couple discussed their problem with the Interactio team, this burden was relieved immediately. Their Interactio consultant explained how the software works and how convenient it is to hear the interpretation without any special equipment to hand out. The guests needing interpretation would be directed to bring their phones and ear buds to the wedding in order receive interpretation during the ceremony. The interpreter would only need a laptop or tablet and a small mic to interpret live, and he can sit anywhere in the room without taking up space or disturbing other guests.


Cara and Povilas were able to recruit a bilingual friend who was able to sit in the back of the ceremony and interpret live for the listeners. The setup was done only a couple hours before the ceremony and went off without a hitch. The guests were able to sit with their phones in hand and their ear buds subtly in place, so no wedding photos were disturbed with bulky equipment. The team also worked with the couple’s budget in order to provide the best quality service, without adding more stress to their wedding plan. Both couple and guests were thrilled that everyone was able to hear the live interpretation and the day turned to night as all guests celebrated in unity, the joining of the new Bikmanas family.

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