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On a journey to enable 7 billion people converse in their preferred language

Our mission is to build bridges to limitless knowledge

Why are we here?

We believe that every person should be able to converse in their preferred language. Up to date, we have enabled over 976,000 listeners in 111 countries to communicate in their preferred language with the help of software and the power of human interpretation. Seeing how language can change perception in united congregation communities, we set on a journey to destroy language barriers in business meetings, governmental sessions, and conferences.

How it all started

Back in 2014, our co-founders Henrikas Urbonas, Simona Andrijauskaite, and Domas Labokas attended many conferences on-site. They noticed that traditional wired microphones make it hard for attendees to ask questions fast and conveniently. Frustrated by tangled wires and loud echo in the conference hall, they created the predecessor of Interactio - mobile software that turned a smartphone into a working microphone, allowing anyone from the audience to voice their question. A year later, conference organizers gave us a new challenge: a software alternative for hardware interpretation equipment. And we took it. That’s how the first version of the Interactio audio-streaming App was born!

Interactio today

In April 2021, the Interactio team exceeded 100 people and keeps expanding weekly. Every day we make top-tier multilingual meetings happen, assisting European institutions, United Nations, Youtube, Mary Kay, Microsoft, Google, Mastercard, Lush, TEDX, Brian Tracy, Tony Robbins, Jordan Belford, and more. With a total of 38K events supported already, our multilingual meetings solutions bridge remote simultaneous interpretation in on-site, hybrid, and remote setups. By the way, Interactio remains the best-rated RSI solution in the industry, with a Trustpilot score of 4.6 and a record of 120,000 attendees connected simultaneously.

Guided toward our mission by six core values

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We react fast, speak precisely, and avoid unnecessary details or costs.

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We solve problems and don’t care for excuses.

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Active listening

We listen first and then offer solutions. We empathize, support, and care.

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We are confident consultants, supporting clients, the majority of whom never had multilingual meetings before. We know the industry in and out, and we own it.

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We are here to help people and simplify their lives. This is essential for us internally and externally.

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We spread good vibes and have a sense of humor.

We know everything about remote communication not only because we were one of the first platforms to offer remote simultaneous interpretation but also because our teams work from all parts of the world

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