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Is your technical support mandatory?

No, Interactio technical support is not mandatory. However, we do recommend it for the first events. Alternatively, we can provide technical training for your tech team. Once they feel confident to support events on their own, you no longer have to order our technical support.

What is included in the technical support during a hybrid/remote event?

Before the participants connect to the Interactio system, our technicians make sure that all the audio/video streams are loaded and work flawlessly. The Interactio tech team constantly checks the quality of the audio to provide the best interpretation experience possible. Should any technical issues appear, our tech specialists do their best to resolve the problems quickly and accurately.

If you work with our interpreters, we guarantee a good quality microphone and a sufficient Internet connection on their side. Prior to the beginning of the event, we test the interpreters' technical capabilities once more and make the final adjustments.

What is included in the technical support during an on-site event?

On-site technical support is provided after both parties agree on the setup of the event. Our technicians evaluate the proposed setup and provide the best solution for a smooth user experience. Prior to the event, Interactio tech specialists will arrive at the venue and help you set up all the necessary equipment and oversee the operation of the Interactio platform.

Optional: Interactio team can also provide the needed hardware requested in advance.

Can Interactio provide technical support before and during the event?

Yes, we provide a full solution for your event, and technical support is part of it! Just contact us, and we'll find the technical support for your needs

How long does Interactio store the recordings of the meetings? Where?

Currently, we store the data till the end of the contract.

Can I have different roles in the Interactio system for access?

Yes, the Interactio system allows event organizers to create different roles for access. At the moment, there are 4 main roles: moderator, AV specialist, participant, and interpreter. Each role has a separate console and is, therefore, limited in its capability to make changes on the platform. Before you assign role-based access, make sure that you understand the end goal and rights of every user. Our Customer Success team will be happy to assist you as you do it!

How do you ensure the privacy of the meeting?

Interactio remote multilingual participant tool requires every participant to have the link for the event to access the platform. In addition, the moderators always see who is on the list as a participant (can stream audio/video). The moderators can also remove the participants who were not invited to the meeting.

To boost the confidentiality of the stream, moderators can activate two different modes:

1. Make private. By selecting "Make private," you limit access to the meeting only to the active participants. No viewers will be able to join the meeting while you have this mode turned on. Participants that are not connected will not be able to join after the meeting is made private.

2. Lock room. By locking the room, you make sure that only those who are currently in the meeting can participate. Any new participants or viewers won't be allowed to join the meeting. However, if the existing participants refresh the browser page, they will still be allowed in the meeting.

How can you secure the confidentiality of the streaming?

Interactio listener's platform allows us to have three access levels for the listeners to access the stream on our mobile app or web app.

1. Public. The listener will be allowed to listen to the event publicly. No event codes will be required to join.

2. Shared. The listener will have to type the event code to access the event. The event code will be the same for all the listeners.

3. Individual. The listener will have to type the event code to access the event. The event code will be unique for every listener.

Does Interactio own the servers?

No. We don't have our own servers. Instead, we use AWS (Amazon Web Services), OVH, and Digital Ocean Infrastructure. Using servers from companies with great competence for service availability and security helps us provide a reliable solution for our clients.

Can I choose to store my data in the EU/outside of the EU?

Definitely. We follow GDPR guidelines, recommending our clients to store data in the European data centers. If you choose to store your data in the EU, we guarantee that no bits of information will leave the EU territory.

What servers are you using, and where are they located?

We use servers from AWS (Amazon Web Services), OVH, and DigitalOcean Infrastructure.

At the moment, all Interactio infrastructural servers are located in the EU area. 

Media servers, used for audio and video content transmission, are based on the event’s set location. 

Similarly, data centers are used in proximity to the selected event location.

How does Interactio protect the system from cyber-attacks?

To protect the system from cyber-attacks, we use a list of different technological measures such as 24/7 network monitoring, storage of logs entries, audit checks, and vulnerability scans. We also use a centralized system for the detection and management of IT incidents which is capable of automatically detecting and reporting an incident, as well as collecting the data required for IT and incident investigations.

What is Interactio's system uptime?

We guarantee 95% uptime to all our clients, but those who use the Interactio system say our reliability is much higher.

Does Interactio record and store the audio even if I don't need the recordings afterward?

Interactio does not record and store the audio of your event unless you order the recording in agreement with us. The audio will be recorded, stored, and made available to you only if you confirm the purchase prior to the beginning of your meeting.

How does Interactio ensure security with the partners?

The Interactio team carefully assesses the way we work with our partners via a set of approved policies and procedures. Additionally, we sign robust data processing agreements, securing the right to conduct independent audits in case of work discrepancies.