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Do you provide interpreters?

Yes, Interactio can provide you with top world’s remote interpreters in the chosen languages.

I want to use my interpreters for the event, but they've never worked with the Interactio system before. Will Interactio train them?

Yes, you can work with your own interpreters. The interpreters will receive all the necessary guidelines to their email addresses and will be asked to perform individual tests, which include audio testing (which can be done in the Interactio system at any time prior to the event) and internet speed test. Our team will review the results and inform the interpreter as well as the organizer if the interpreter is ready. The internet requirements can be found in the user guide (>10 Mbps upload/download and <100 Ping ms.). We will also train them.

How can I use Interactio for a remote meeting?

You can use the Interactio meetings platform to 

  • Interpret your meeting in an unlimited number of languages
  • Connect all participants in one platform
  • Moderate a meeting 
  • Share screen & files 
  • Conduct live polls & surveys
  • Discuss ideas in group & private chats 

And more!

Can we test how the Interactio system works?

Yes, you can schedule a demo and try the system yourself! If you want to test us out as a remote interpreter, send an email to

If you want to organize an event with us, request a quote here.

Do we need interpreters to use the Interactio system, or is this an automatic interpretation?

Interactio meetings platform does not provide automatic interpretation. Unlike an instant interpretation software, we always work with interpreters to ensure precise vocabulary usage.

How is Interactio different from an automatic interpretation?

Automatic interpretation (aka machine interpretation/instant interpretation/automated interpretation) uses artificial intelligence in place of a human interpreter.

Instead, the Interactio meetings platform provides software which transmits the original audio of the speaker to the human interpreter, allowing for the precise simultaneous interpretation with no delay.

Can Interactio restream the event on our website or other social media channels, such as Facebook or LinkedIn? How?

Yes, we can help you restream the event on your website or other social media channels, like YouTube or Facebook, by giving access to the AV panel and all the audio outputs. 

The specific configuration will differ depending on the platform of your choice. 

Generally, you can reroute an audio output from the Interactio broadcaster to your platform input using an audio plugin (e.g., Vbcable). 

When it comes to video, you can capture a full screen of any videos that you are streaming and send it to the platform of your choice with a screen capturing software (e.g., Manycam).

Can you support an event tomorrow?

We highly encourage you to contact us at least 7 working days in advance to your event. If you reach out to us later, we will do our best to find a perfect solution for you, but we can't guarantee the date availability.

What languages does your system support?

The interface language of the Interactio system is English. However, we support interpretation for all languages (even the rarest!)

Do you work only with licenses or with one-time payment pricing?

We work with both licenses and one-time payment pricing. To customize a unique quote for your company's needs, fill in this form.

Does the Interactio system integrate with other video platforms like Zoom, WebEx, etc.? How does the integration work?

Interactio audiostreaming app can work in integration with any platform or videoconferencing solution.

Listeners can listen to the interpretation through 

1. The phone. Listeners connect to the third-party platform from the laptop/computer, then open the Interactio audiostreaming app on the phone, enter the event code, and choose the language they want to listen to.

2. The web app on the same computer device. Listeners need to access, enter the event code, and choose the preferred language. In this case, the third-party platform has to be muted so that the listener doesn't hear the same audio twice.

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