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What audio equipment should I have?

Your headset should pick up and reproduce enough frequencies for quality work. 

We recommend 2 options:

- Televic HS15 headset - with 3.5mm jack connector

- Logitech H570e - with USB connector

What are the technical requirements for my computer to work with Interactio interpreter's console?

Here are some of the technical requirements from our Remote Interpreter's Manager:

1. Interpreter's computer CPU must have a CPU Mark score (processing power indicator) higher than 5000, results based on different models can be found in this list:

2. Operating memory should be equal or higher than 8 GB of RAM

3. Operating System must be Windows 10 or later; or MacOS 10.15 or later

4. For the best interpreter's experience, computer should have an Ethernet port with 1 Gbps speed or faster, for cabled internet access

5. Computer must have enough USB ports for audio equipment to be connected in case respective headset or microphone is used (minimal 1x - if USB headset is used; 2x if Headphones and USB microphone are used as separate devices)

6. Computer must have 3.5mm jack connector if respective headset is used

7. Computers must have a constant power supply. If it is a laptop - it must have a working battery and a charger connected, if it is a desktop computer - it must have UPS (uninterruptible power supply) backup battery connected to it

8. Operating system must have latest updates

9. Operating system must have the latest Google Chrome installed

10.Operating system must have latest Interactio Broadcaster software installed

11. Computer must have a video display (monitor), mouse or touchpad and a full-size keyboard

What network capabilities (requirements) do I need to work as an interpreter?

Interpreters working on Interactio console are required to have 10-15 Mbps upload/download speed. Network connection has to be wired (Ethernet cable not Wi-Fi).

To check if your device meets network capabilities, use Interactio troubleshooter

What device do I have to have to work on Interactio interpreter's console?

We equally accept stationary computers and laptops as long as they meet the technical requirements listed below. Phones and tablets are not sufficient to work on Interactio interpreter's console.

What do I need in order to join the meeting?

To join the meeting, interpreters need to click on the link of the event received via email from Interactio domain. The link will forward interpreters to the registration to fill in the form with name, email, and set their own password. After the registration, interpreters can log in with the set credentials, press on the Accept option on the Interpreter's Dashboard, and press Start to activate the interpreter console.

What equipment do I need as an interpreter?

As an interpreter, you will need a laptop with a charger or a personal computer and a USB headset with a microphone to join the remote participation panel. We strongly recommend to use professional microphones and input systems for the better sound quality. For stable Internet connection, you have to use cable Internet and have a secure back-up such as mobile data to set up a hot-spot if your Ethernet fails. Also, we highly advise to have a back-up laptop or an additional monitor for the emergency situations. In case of sign language interpretation, you can use the default camera on your device or external camera for better video quality.

Do you support relay?

Yes, Interactio remote panel supports relay, allowing interpreters to listen to any of the languages interpreted during the online event.

Does Interactio system integrate with other video platforms like Zoom, WebEx, etc? How does the integration work?

Interactio can work in integration with any platform or video-conferencing solution.

You can either
1. Open Interactio console and a chosen platform (ex: Zoom) on their computers. In this case, you get the audio/video from the third party platform and then interpret to Interactio system.

2. Receive the audio/video from the third party software captured by the Interactio technician and sent via Interactio broadcaster. In this case, you only need to have Interactio console open.

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