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Governmental session

Online meetings hosted on Interactio software or hybrid meetings with direct integration with existing hardware equipment on-site. Dedicated technical support and highest security standards ensured with external audits and vulnerability scans.

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Online business meeting

Corporate online meeting interpretation in any language. Enjoy screen sharing, file sharing, chats, surveys, moderation – all with 24/7 network monitoring to assure privacy and confidentiality.

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Virtual, hybrid, or on-site conferences with remote participation and interpretation organized fully on the Interactio platform or any video-conferencing app of your choice. Thousands of participants, unlimited languages, technical support!

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Impact-driven event

Organize in-person, hybrid, or online events to unite your community. Over 2,000 non-profit organizations, NGOs, and houses of worship use Interactio App to stream real-time interpretation in any language.

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Online meeting

Need a standalone multilingual meetings platform for your online event? Host fully remote meetings at Interactio dedicated software – no third-party tools needed and an unlimited number of languages included.

Hybrid meeting

Integrate existing conferencing equipment with Interactio soft console while your audience joins the event in-person and remotely. Concerned about the setup? Interactio technical team is always there to ensure high-quality streaming and technical support on all stages of integration.Learn more

On-site meeting

Upsize your in-person event with a real-time interpretation on your attendees’ phones. Dedicated technical support, certified interpreters, and the rarest languages of your choice. We connected 120K people on our largest in-person event. Can we make a new record together?

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