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About Interactio

Interactio is a remote simultaneous interpretation platform that combines remote participation and remote interpreting services for multilingual online, hybrid, and on-site meetings of all scope. Interactio supports the world’s most important meetings, connecting delegates from European Parliament, European Commission, and United Nations. Up to date, we enabled over 500,000 listeners in 70+ countries to communicate in their preferred language with the help of software and the power of human interpretation. Some of our happy clients include Microsoft, Google, Amazon, and more!

We are proud of

Growth between
2019 and 2020
Most languages used
at one event
The total number of events

We are the leader with the best audio quality in the RSI market

At Interactio, we define remote simultaneous interpretation (RSI) as simultaneous interpretation 2.0, where every person (including interpreters!) can receive a live video & audio feed virtually. RSI allows interpreters, participants, and speakers to connect remotely from any place on Earth and interact in their language. All you need to make RSI happen is a phone or a laptop, headset, and Internet connection to join the meeting.

We offer customized solutions for multilingual events

Audio app

Multilingual meetings platform

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Henrikas Urbonas

CO-Founder and CEO

Henrikas is a Co-Founder and CEO of Interactio. He obtained his BA at LCC International University. Traveling a lot and being surrounded by peers from all over the world during his studies, Interactio's mission was born to enable every single human being to converse in their preferred language. Henrikas is an active ISO member and focuses on product & business development and the long-term strategy at Interactio.

Simona Andrijauskaite


Simona Andrijauskaitė is a Co-Founder of Interactio with extensive experience in Sales, Marketing, and Project Management. From 2014 to 2021, she served as Interactio CBDO, leading the business development. Simona empowered the 12-fold growth of the company between 2019 and 2020 and scaled the team to 200 people worldwide. She is also a frequent speaker on international events and an active advocate in the Event industry.

Domas Labokas

CO-Founder and CTO

Domas Labokas is a Co-Founder and CTO of Interactio with long-standing experience in information technology. Domas’ programming journey started in 1997; since then, he has developed solid know-how on multiple technologies in various fields, from e-commerce to telecommunications. Previously a freelancer, Domas always enjoyed collaborating on the projects he admires most. He joined Interactio with strong expertise in complex solutions and has been overseeing Interactio technology development ever since.


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