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Make your events multilingual with remote interpretation

Where can you use Interactio services?

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Governmental sessions

Integrate our online platform with existing, on-site hardware to host hybrid meetings, and save on resources. Benefit from the highest security standards ensured with external audits and vulnerability scans.

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Business meetings

Make the most of your online corporate meetings. Conduct meetups in any language with live interpretation.  Enjoy screen sharing, file sharing, chats, surveys, moderation, and highest security standards.

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Host engaging, secure, and scalable summits, trade shows, corporate meetings, and more in an unlimited number of languages, no matter where your audience is – at the venue or at home – Interactio RSI solution is ready to connect all the participants for a highly interactive experience.

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Organize virtual, hybrid, or on-site conferences with remote participation and interpretation. Thousands of attendees, unlimited languages, and technical support!

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Teach and learn in unlimited languages with interpreted webinars. Make them interactive – create live polls, host in-meeting Q&A’s, share files, display your screen, and communicate through chat.

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Press conferences

Host an on-site, hybrid, or fully virtual press conference in multiple languages. Invite international journalists to ask the questions in their preferred language – both at the venue and online. Raise the hand, turn on your mic, and speak – it’s that easy!

Supporting events of diverse scope and setups

Online events

Create standalone online events with our platform. Host events in unlimited languages with remote simultaneous interpretation through our software.

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Hybrid events

Take your events to the next level and integrate existing conferencing equipment with our console. Have your audience join from anywhere!

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On-site events

Enhance your in-person event experience with a real-time interpretation app. Have remote interpretation in as many languages as you like for any event size.

What’s inside the Interactio solution?

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Moderator console

Control the meeting flow through our easy-to-use platform built for moderators.

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Event panel

Customize meetings to your audience – choose languages, invite participants, and set up break-out rooms.

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AV console

Monitor AV channels, oversee interpretation, message participants and fix technical issues efficiently.

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Participant console

Have participants listen to their preferred language, take the floor, communicate with others, and share files.

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Interpreter console

Provide interpreters with a fully functional solution, with easy handovers and booth partner chat.

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Listener app

Stream crystal-clear audio to multilingual audiences with our standalone solution. All they need is our app!

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Explore value driven benefits of remote simultaneous interpretation

For public organizations

  • Eco-friendly solution. Reduce your carbon footprint. Unlike on-site interpretation, our remote multilingual solution doesn’t require interpretation booths or travel.

  • Global events. Reach a multilingual audience in their preferred language. We have already connected people from 111 countries on our remote interpreting platform.

  • Web-based platform. Enjoy Interactio multilingual meetings platform directly in the browser. There’s no need to download our software.

For governmental entities

  • High security standards. Join an ISO-certified platform with the highest security standards. We hold more than 12 certificates and are members of 15 cybersecurity associations. More about security at Interactio.

  • Custom support. Benefit from round-the-clock technical support and project management. We’re here for you till the last minute of the event preparation process.

  • Easy integration. Choose your preferred hardware or software and integrate it seamlessly with our online solution. Explore our integrations.

For corporations

For houses of worship

  • Remote interpretation. Speak to your congregation in their native language. No expenses spent on logistics, traveling, or interpretation booths.

  • Bigger audience. Bring your local community together and unite listeners on-site and online on one platform.

  • Easy-to-use listener app. Connect from anywhere and access high quality audio interpretation with our app – all you need is your phone and an internet connection!

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