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Interactio is the leading remote multilingual meeting solution that does it all. Try our standalone video-meeting platform, audio streaming mobile application, or integrate Interactio with your favourite video-conferencing apps such as Zoom, Webex, Microsoft Teams, and more. Whatever setup you choose – we will help make your event truly multilingual.

Want to host engaging, secure, and scalable conferences, summits, trade shows, corporate meetings, and more in an unlimited number of languages anywhere in the world? No matter where your audience is – at the venue or at home – Interactio remote simultaneous interpreting solution is ready to connect all the participants for a highly interactive experience.

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Remove language barriers at any event, at any time

Before remote simultaneous interpreting emerged, simultaneous interpretation had been a service mainly used by large international and governmental institutions.

The pandemic shed light on a new, improved version of real-time translation – remote simultaneous interpretation, where interpreters translate a source language into the audience's preferred language in a matter of milliseconds.

RSI technology has become a pioneer of democracy, serving everyone – SMEs, houses of worship, event organisers, NGOs, and large enterprises.

What is RSI?

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Why choose Interactio?

Our PRO event solution comes with PRO features, such as high scalability, extremely low latency, and an intuitive virtual booth for interpreters. And did we mention that The European Commission and United Nations already use our solution?

Reduced hardware costs

To use Interactio, only a dedicated computer or mobile device and a stable internet connection are needed. You don’t have to worry about continually investing in and updating your interpretation equipment or other hardware to keep your multilingual conversation going.

Easy to manage

Setting up your online, hybrid, or in-person multilingual event has never been easier. With Interactio, you can forget about complex multi-step setups. All you need is the Interactio event panel and a stable Internet connection – we'll take care of the rest!

Security & back-up

At Interactio, we take privacy and data protection seriously. We do that in five ways: Data encryption, GDPR compliance, role-based access control, robust protection from cyberattacks, and ensured confidentiality. Our scalable servers and back-up options guarantee that your stream won’t be lost on the Internet web. Yes, we guarantee it – our ISO 27001 certification and 2,000 events per month do.

Professional interpreters

Interactio offers highly qualified, certified, and technically trained remote simultaneous interpreters who operate virtually and go through a robust qualification process to deliver an outstanding experience at your event. Our high-quality real-time interpretation comes in all languages, budgets, and industries! What's not to like?

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