Security, Privacy & Compliance at Interactio

Privacy and security are at the heart of what we do at Interactio. That’s why our remote multilingual meetings platform is protected by multiple security features complemented by constant product testing and updates. This way, you can rest assured: your data is always protected.


Partners certifications


Industry based compliance

How does Interactio ensure the security of your meetings?

SAML 2.0 authentication

With Security Assertion Markup Language method, only authorized people can access your meetings.

Individual meeting links

Individual meeting links are generated for participants and interpreters to join meetings securely.

Role-based access control

Based on the set permissions and privileges, Interactio grants users with access based on their specific role. 

Participant Screening Application

In specific high-stakes situations, a manual inspection of participants verifying their identity is run using the dedicated app. 

Waiting room & In-meeting controls

Waiting room enables organizers to place participants in a separate environment before they join an actual meeting. In-room controls enable moderators to control who joins the meeting and what permissions they have.

Encrypted Data at Rest (DAR)

All the data that we store is safely encrypted, ensuring that no one can gain access to your information.

Compliance certifications and attestations

ISO/IEC 27001:2013

Information Security Management System (ISMS)

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General Data Protection Regulation

Resources for clients

How does Interactio approach
your data?

Data retention

We always allow clients to choose how long they want the event data to be stored.

Supervised data deletion

We ensure safe data deletion process supported by the Department of Defence standards.

Transparent client communication

We always inform clients when the event’s data is about to be deleted and provide an opportunity to retrieve it if they wish to.

Servers located in Europe

By partnering with AWS, we ensure that all of our servers located in Europe are ISO-certified. Our network guarantees regionally replicated backup and failover for a reliable backup system.

Interactio servers located in Europe

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Where are the servers located?

Is the client’s personal data encrypted?

Do clients own their personal data?

Does Interactio own their client’s personal data?

Does Interactio decide what to do with their client’s personal data?

For how long does Interactio store their client’s personal data when an event is over?

How can clients access their personal data?

If you are a security researcher please use the to notify Interactio of any security vulnerabilities.

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