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Meet our remote interpreting platform

Interactio is the leading remote multilingual meeting solution that does it all. Try our standalone video-meeting platform, audio streaming mobile application, or integrate Interactio with your favorite video-conferencing apps such as Zoom, Webex, Microsoft Teams, and more. Whatever setup you choose – we know how to make your event truly multilingual.

Interactio multilingual meeting solution
Interactio audio app

What’s inside the Interactio solution?

Moderator console

We designed our moderator console with the on-site event hosts in mind. Moderators join the Interactio event via a dedicated moderator console where they can control the meeting flow, rename participants, lower all hands, mute/unmute attendees, and end the meeting.

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Event panel

Event panel is a place where event organizers can set up meetings and customize them to meet the unique needs of the audience. Organizers can set the time & date, choose languages for interpretation, invite participants, interpreters, and moderators, as well as set up breakout rooms if needed.

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AV console

Our AV console is the technical heart of the Interactio video-meeting platform. There, technicians can oversee all video and audio channels, monitor interpretation, chat with participants, interpreters, and stream the feed to and from other platforms.

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Participant console

Participant console is home to each attendee connected to Interactio events. There, participants can listen to the interpretation, take the floor, communicate with other participants, share files, and participate in polls

Who is a participant
Who is a speaker
Who is a listener

Interpreter console

Our intuitive interpreter console is inspired by the best hardware consoles with minimal distractions. At Interactio interpreter console, interpreters can select languages, adjust volume levels, do handover, chat with booth partners, and Interactio technical support.

Who is an interpeter

Listener app

Listener app is a standalone solution developed to stream crystal clear audio interpretation. You can use Interactio App for in-person events – big or small – or in pair with your favorite video-conferencing apps, like Zoom, Microsoft, Webex, Hopin, and more!

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Why Interactio is the right choice for your event?

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PRO interpretation solution

PRO event solutions call for PRO features like high scalability, extremely low latency, and an intuitive virtual booth for interpreters. The European Commission and United Nations already use us. Will you join the leaders?

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Easy to manage

Interactio helps you forget about complex multi-step setups. All you need to set up your event is Interactio event panel. All you need to stream your event is a stable Internet connection. Organizing an event has never been easier!

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Security & back-up

We don’t risk the security of your event. Ever. Our scalable servers and backup options guarantee that your stream won’t be lost on the Internet web. Yes, we guarantee it – our ISO 27001 certification and 2,000 events per month do.

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Dedicated support

Work with Interactio's dedicated project managers and technicians to set up solutions for your unique needs. Current clients review our in-house customer support as one of the best in the RSI industry, just saying.

Organize your next multilingual event

Governmental sessions

Online meetings hosted on Interactio software or hybrid meetings with direct integration with existing hardware equipment on-site. Dedicated technical support and highest security standards ensured with external audits and vulnerability scans.Learn more

Business meetings

Corporate online meeting interpretation in any language. Enjoy screen sharing, file sharing, chats, surveys, moderation – all with 24/7 network monitoring to assure privacy and confidentiality.Learn more


Virtual, hybrid, or on-site conferences with remote participation and interpretation organized fully on the Interactio platform or any video-conferencing app of your choice. Thousands of participants, unlimited languages, technical support!Learn more

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Features our clients love the most

Try gallery view for maximum engagement

Help your participants connect better with the Interactio gallery view. Interact with attendees with up to 30 video slots on the screen at the same time.

Share audio recordings of your event

Get rid of third-party recording tools that fail at the most important moment. We’ll record your event for you – you’ll share it with the people who need it.

Use SAML authentication for extra security

Invite individual participants to join the meeting while adding an extra layer of security to your event. Verifying the user’s identity has never been easier!

Comprehensive after-event statistics

Receive free access to detailed analytics of your event. Large or small meeting? Doesn’t matter. We want to help you plan for your next event with big data available.

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