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RSI Solution for Conferences

  • Remote participation
  • High scalability
  • Full customization

Industry insights & trends

7 months ago, 90% of our customer requests were for remote multilingual conferences. For the past 5 years, conferences were our biggest strength. That’s why we combined traditional remote simultaneous interpretation with remote participant option to adapt to the recent changes and help all digital attendees interact with each other as they would at an on-site conference.

Joining the RSI trend?

In case you’re wondering, yes, we still support on-site conferences! No matter how you decide to host your event (on-site, hybrid, or remote), Interactio is happy to provide a full solution for your conference. Software, remote interpreters, and dedicated technical support - we got it covered! Plus, we’ll train your interpreters & technicians, conduct testing prior to the event, and customize the interface to showcase your brand.

Why conferences choose Interactio

Remote participation

Remote participation

Thinking of how to connect your on-site attendees and remote participants in the hybrid format? Interactio platform gathers your remote attendees in the virtual room for a highly interactive experience: slides, files, polls, chats.

High scalability

High scalability

Ready to scale-up your event? Interactio RSI tool supports thousands of listeners with an unlimited number of languages for interpretation. We already connected 120K attendees this February. Let’s set a new record together!

Full customization

Full customization

We give you the freedom to fully customize your conference! Integrate with any video conferencing solution (Zoom, Skype, Webex, been there, done that). Add a branded interface, logo, and banner background to maximize your brand recognition.

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Success stories

Success story: Global Landscapes Forum

“I was pretty amazed from day 1 at how everything worked. Interactio is pioneering the remote interpretation. It gave us more flexibility and freedom, helping to make the event accessible and inclusive” Judith Marrie Sonneck, Global Assistant Coordinator

Success story: TEDx

When we say that the sky is the limit, we really mean it! TED is the leading international non-profit media organization that specializes in conferences dealing with a wide range of topics. TED calls themselves a global community which is keen on welcoming people from every discipline and [...]

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