Translating Ideas Into Action: The Annual Political Dialogue on the Initiative for Coal Regions in Transition

Ecorys is an international research and consultancy company with a heritage of over nine decades. Specializing in economic, social, and spatial development, Ecorys supports public and private sector organizations in making and executing informed decisions on pivotal social and economic matters.

For the "Annual Political Dialogue on the Initiative for Coal Regions in Transition" event, organized on behalf of the European Commission, Ecorys opted for a hybrid format. This blended approach sought to enhance inclusivity, stimulate meaningful dialogue, and ensure that discussions around transitioning to cleaner energy sources included diverse voices and perspectives.

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June 27, 2023


Karlovy Vary, Czechia

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“I am impressed by the effective translation services provided during our event. The dedicated team of interpreters ensured an inclusive atmosphere. Their expertise played a pivotal role in making our event a success, breaking down linguistic barriers and fostering a truly international experience. We extend our sincere gratitude to the technical support team whose expertise played a pivotal role in orchestrating not only the plenary sessions, but also three simultaneous breakout sessions.”

Irene Patregnani, Events Consultant at Ecorys

About the event


Ecorys wanted to make sure that both the in-person and online parts of the "Coal Regions in Transition's fourth Annual Political Dialogue" worked well together. They aimed to offer top-notch interpretation services for people at the event and those joining online. This way, everyone, no matter where they were, could understand what was being discussed. On top of that, they had to manage three separate group discussions at the same time, making it an additional challenge to keep everything running smoothly.


Understanding the challenges of hosting a hybrid event, we applied our know-how in this area to offer a tailored solution. Our Senior Engineer took the lead in preparations, working closely with the local AV team. The organisers took the initiative to rent quality receivers for on-site participants, ensuring clear and direct interpretation. To make sure the technical side was impeccable, Interactio held pre-event training for on-site AV partners, and the remote tech support team was on standby during the event.

Our collaborative, team effort was particularly important; by working together and coordinating adeptly, we executed three simultaneous breakout sessions that met all of the client's key success metrics.


The collaborative effort between Interactio and Ecorys contributed to an event that met its objectives. Navigating the challenges of a hybrid event required careful management and coordination, and the outcome was effective communication and dependable interpretation services that were well-received by both on-site and remote attendees.

Participant feedback indicated a positive response to our integrated approach, often mentioning the clarity and quality of the interpretation services. Ecorys expressed satisfaction with how the event was handled and noted our flexibility in adapting to their specific requirements.

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Interactio interpreters

Ecorys was particularly pleased with our interpreters, who provided flawless language translation that elevated the event experience for attendees.

Interactio interpreters

Ecorys was particularly pleased with our interpreters, who provided flawless language translation that elevated the event experience for attendees.

Listeners app

Our Listeners App stood out for its seamless integration with other platforms and user-friendliness, making real-time interpretation accessible to all.


The quality of the audio-visual setup, a collaborative effort with Ecorys' AV team, was praised for its clarity and reliability, ensuring a smooth flow throughout the event.

Project Management

Ecorys was especially pleased with our project management, noting that the organized workflow, timely communication, and effective problem-solving were crucial in achieving their project goals successfully.

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Karolis Aulosevičius

DPO at InteractioInternational

“The Compliance and Security team's mission is to ensure that we provide secure and reliable service to every single customer in the whole world. We do that with passion and appreciation.”

Karolis Aulosevičius – DPO at Interactio

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