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We are Interactio. We make top-tier multilingual meetings in the world happen. We connect key governmental institutions and world-renowned corporations on a highly secure and best publicly rated remote interpretation platform (Seriously, check out our Trustpilot). We shift the global interpretation market industry and we have fun with it.

And for that we need global talent. Let’s check if our DNA’s are a match!

Hear from your future colleagues

When I think of the best way to describe working at Interactio, ‘gratefulness sharing economy’ is what first comes to my mind. Besides being highly motivated, diligent, and witty people (and we really are!), we are also very considerate about everyone’s dedication and hard work each day. The most frequently heard words at Interactio? I’m pretty confident that would be ‘thank you.’ Or maybe ’that’s funny!’? Either way, being a part of this team makes you love what you do even more!

Austėja Poškutė, Marketing

Interactio is more than a company, it's an incredibly positive immersive experience that gives a sense of belonging and contributing to a greater goal, for the greater good. We really are building bridges and breaking language barriers, together, every single day. We are problem solvers and innovation leaders; we are caring and compassionate; we are hard working and resilient. We are amazing together and we always pull through, no matter how last minute, unexpected or complicated. I am truly proud to Manage the Remote Interpretation Unit and work alongside Sales, Customer Success, Product and Marketing.

Laura Lock, Remote Interpretation

I've been at Interactio since the whole team could fit into a van; now, we have multiplied and spread around the globe. Yet, still, I feel we are just as much of a family where no person or department is valued higher than the rest. I have nothing but positive words for this company team. Plus, we get a lot of pastries.

Cara Bikmanas, Sales

Building bridges to limitless knowledge is more than a claim in Interactio. As a Sales Manager in our Vilnius office, every day, I have an opportunity to connect with colleagues and partners from all over the world. As a foreigner, diversity at Interactio is especially dear to me. Entrusted by one of the most promising startups in the Baltics, I feel empowered to grow as a professional and reach goals I could just dream about. In Interactio everyone is important and feels valued.

Giovanni Proietta, Sales

Our cultural DNA

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We react fast, speak precisely, and avoid unnecessary details or costs.

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We solve problems and don’t care for excuses.

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Active listening

We listen first and then offer solutions. We empathize, support, and care.

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We are confident consultants, supporting clients, the majority of whom never had multilingual meetings before. We know the industry in and out, and we own it.

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We are here to help people and simplify their lives. This is essential for us internally and externally.

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We spread good vibes and have a sense of humor.

We deliver results - not promises


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What you get using Interactio

Why join Interactio?

Growth-oriented environment

We’re always on the go, motivated by inspiring international colleagues. Tell us what skill you want to learn, and we will help you grow.

Office of your dreams

What is it going to be? Vilnius old town, Klaipeda co-working space, or the comfort of your own home? You decide where you thrive the most.

Generous health insurance

We know that great results happen when you feel your best. That’s why our health insurance package covers most (if not all!) of your medical expenses. Your wellness matters!

Breathtaking clients portfolio

Get a chance to work with the most interesting clients in the world. European Parliament, United Nations, Google, Apple, Mary Kay, Credit Agricole, and more!

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