What is remote simultaneous interpretation?

Remote Simultaneous Interpretation: FAQs

What is simultaneous interpretation?
What is remote simultaneous interpretation?
Why use remote simultaneous interpretation services?
Where can remote simultaneous interpretation services be used?
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Where can I use
remote simultaneous interpretation services?

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Governmental session

Online meetings hosted on Interactio software or hybrid meetings with direct integration with existing hardware equipment on-site. Dedicated technical support and highest security standards ensured with external audits and vulnerability scans. Learn more

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Business meeting

Corporate online meeting interpretation in any language. Enjoy screen sharing, file sharing, chats, surveys, moderation - all with 24/7 network monitoring to assure privacy and confidentiality. Learn more

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Virtual, hybrid, or on-site conferences with remote participation and interpretation organized fully on the Interactio platform or any videoconferencing app of your choice. Thousands of participants, unlimited languages, technical support! Learn more

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Impact-driven events

In-person or remote events to help you build your multilingual community. Interactio RSI solution has already supported thousands of events for houses of worship and non-governmental organizations. Tell us how we can support yours! Learn more

Added-value of remote simultaneous interpretation

Reach more people on social media

Many RSI platforms (Interactio included!) come with an option of restreaming your events to multiple social media channels. You can now reach multilingual users and restream your content on any social media channel! Don’t miss out on a chance to upsize your remote event attendance capacity with simultaneous interpretation.

Receive in-depth analytics about your meeting

Gathering data on your event is crucial for successful planning. Remote simultaneous software offers more than interpretation. With built-in analytics, you can find out the patterns of your users’ experience. Participation, listening stream duration, engagement rates, you name it.

Get matched with the right interpreter for your event

RSI providers enable interpretation in all languages - even the rarest! Highly qualified, certified, and technically trained remote simultaneous interpreters operate virtually and go through a robust qualification process to deliver an outstanding experience at your event. All budgets, any industries!

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How can Interactio make it happen?

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In-house dedicated technical team

Interactio technical support team assists you from the first minute of your event, ensuring consistent audio streaming across all channels, troubleshooting, and interpreters support. Organizing a multilingual meeting just got a lot easier!

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Certified, technically trained interpreters

Our interpreters go through a strict selection process, receive ongoing technical trainings, and work with the world’s most important meetings. Yes, we mean European institutions, United Nations, and more. Did we mention we do continuous quality assurance too?

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Built-in analytics and custom feedback

We believe that nothing helps you plan better than good event analytics! Learn the number of unique listeners, stream duration, jitter loss, and many more. By the way, we don’t only give you numbers - we also collect feedback from your listeners. Be the first to find out!

Read more about remote interpretation in the Interactio blog

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