RSI solution for governmental sessions

  • High-security standards
  • Integration with hardware
  • Dedicated project manager

Industry insights & trends

The worldwide pandemic put all the in-person gatherings on hold, making the virtual parliament a new reality. Fully remotely or hybrid via integration with the existing conferencing hardware. But what will happen when the pandemic is over? We believe that the future of governmental sessions is in hybrid meetings – highly secure, sustainable, and economical.

Joining the RSI trend?

Locally and internationally, the Interactio team is proud to support governmental sessions of various scopes. Operating under the highest security standards, we put securing sensitive data and streams on top priority. With the multilingual participant tool, all speakers can easily interact with each other, vote with an integrated poll feature, share screen, files, and text via live chat.

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Why governmental institutions choose Interactio

High-security standards

Privacy, security, and confidentiality of your meeting are of the highest priority for the Interactio team. Just a couple of things we do to ensure your stream’s security are 24/7 network monitoring, storage of logs entries, audit checks, and vulnerability scans.

Integration with hardware

We help you easily integrate the Interactio platform with already existing/installed interpretation equipment. Seriously, we support virtually any hardware! So that your trusted interpreters can comfortably work at your venue.

Dedicated project manager

Our dedicated project manager will run multiple tests prior to the event and connect you with our dedicated technical engineer. By the way, we can send you a hardware KIT with a laptop and all the necessary cables.

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