RSI solution for business meetings

  • High-security standards
  • Hybrid & remote setup
  • File & screen sharing

Industry insights & trends

80-90% of people worldwide prefer to work remotely, says Global Workplace Analytics. Since 2020, Amazon, Twitter, Slack, Microsoft, Adobe, and other industry leaders have already switched to long-term remote work, trading office meet-ups, to remote business calls. All to connect diverse international teammates in one virtual room across the borders.

Joining the RSI trend?

Ready to meet your team remotely? With the Interactio participant tool, you’ll be able to share your screen, exchange files, text in group chats, and conduct surveys – all while listening to the interpretation. By the way, you can also moderate the meeting and collect the listener’s feedback in the end.

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Why business meetings choose Interactio

High-security standards

Privacy, security, and confidentiality of your meeting are of the highest priority for Interactio team. Just a couple of things we do to ensure your stream’s security are 24/7 network monitoring, storage of logs entries, audit checks, and vulnerability scans.

Hybrid & remote setup

With the Interactio platform, you can set up a fully remote or hybrid meeting. Connect your teammates across the borders and call international clients with smooth remote interpretation.

File & screen sharing

Support your ideas by showcasing slides, graphs, and images regardless of your geographical location. With the Interactio smooth screen sharing and file uploading feature, all attendees can stay on the same page.

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