RSI solution for community events

  • Remote interpretation
  • Remote participation
  • Call-in function

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Building community is no easy task whether you connect with your audience in-person, hybrid, or virtually. Good news, you’re not alone in your journey. Over the past 5 years, the Interactio team supported over 2000 community events, assisting Elevation church (US), Global Leadership Summit, The Send, TEDx, and many more. All to promote inclusiveness regardless of the listener’s location.

Joining the RSI trend?

Community events, like no other, help the Interactio team to further causes we believe in. Customized discounts, sponsorships, full technical support, and dedicated project management. Unlimited number of languages, possibility of integration with your favorite video-conferencing app, or the entire event hosted fully on the Interactio platform. We have already connected 120,000 people in February 2020 and are waiting for you to come and break our biggest record!

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Why Interactio is the right platform for community events

Remote interpretation

Imagine if you could work with the world’s top interpreters without covering their logistics cost and polluting the environment with frequent traveling? Sounds like a dream, right? Interactio is happy to connect you with the best remote interpreters working from home.

Remote participation

No matter where your community is – at the venue or at home – Interactio platform is ready to connect all the participants for a highly interactive experience. Share slides, conduct surveys, and communicate in the live chat to strengthen your community.

Call-in function

What if your attendees don’t have smartphones or their mobile data runs out? Or there’s no Wi-Fi at your venue? Interactio has your back with the call-in function: dial the number and receive the exact same interpretation experience.

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