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What is an Interactio multilingual hybrid meeting?

A hybrid meeting is a mixture of on-site and online meetings which unites your audience, speakers, and interpreters at the venue with remote participants and interpreters. Think of an Interactio multilingual hybrid meeting as a solution where you no longer have to pick sides between in-person and online, software or hardware. Because now you can have it all!

Why organize hybrid meetings with Interactio

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Advanced sound quality and video layout

We offer crystal clear audio quality of up to 510 kbps - one of the highest in the industry. But hearing your attendees is not enough. That’s why we offer a maximum of 30 video slots in a meeting.

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Smooth and consistent interpretation

We know how frustrating interpretation delays can get. That’s why we make it our mission to keep interpretation smooth. Even with triple relay, the streaming is consistent and travels within milliseconds.

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No manual intervention needed

Interactio hybrid integration doesn’t need constant manual check-ups from the tech team. Once the equipment is in place, your interpreters’ team has all the functionalities they need to deliver your message.

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How does it work?

It’s simple: we integrate Interactio interpreter’s soft console with hardware conferencing equipment with the help of Dante media networking technology. This way, both on-site and remote interpreters can stay connected, switch channels, do the relay and handover without any manual intervention from the technical team. What’s more, event organizers, like you, gain the flexibility of combining Interactio software and on-site interpretation equipment that you already have.

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Added bonuses that come with Interactio hybrid meetings

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Bullet-proof secure platform

Interactio is 27001 ISO certified for all security processes. What does that mean? We build our remote simultaneous interpretation platform with security and privacy on top of our priorities list.

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No added costs with your existing equipment

Keep the interpretation equipment you have on-site. No extra investments needed! We’ll connect both remote and on-site interpreters to the same meeting, even in the same booth.

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Interpreters capabilities taken to another level

At Interactio hybrid meetings, interpreters on-site and at home can choose up to 6 relay channels at the same time, do the handover, and switch channel sources. As if they were in one room!

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