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What is an online meeting?

  • An online meeting connects remote audience members, speakers, and interpreters through their own devices.

  • Online meetings utilize software solutions that let participants communicate via audio, video, and chat using an Internet connection.

  • Organizations use virtual meetings to collaborate with clients and colleagues from multiple locations around the world.

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Benefits of hosting online events with Interactio

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All-in-one platform

Access high-quality interpretation, web-based software, and dedicated support – all in one place. Our technical and customer success teams oversee your event every step of the way.

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Advanced moderator features

Control the meeting flow, rename participants, lower all hands, mute/unmute attendees, and end the meeting on our user-friendly moderator console.

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Cost-efficient solution

Reduce your carbon footprint and make your meetings inclusive for participants and interpreters around the globe. No need for traveling, traditional interpretation booths, and expensive hardware.

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After-event statistics

Monitor meetings’ success with free in-depth analytics. Tailor your future events to your audience's needs.

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How does it work?

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Remote technician

Remote moderator

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Business meetings

Make your online corporate meetings multilingual with our interpretation platform. Enjoy all your favorite video-conferencing features – screen sharing, file sharing, chats, and more. With advanced security.Learn more


Teach and learn in an unlimited number of languages. Engage your audience – create live polls, host in-meeting Q&As, and use our built-in chat.

Online conferences

Gather your remote attendees in a virtual room with an unlimited number of languages – no matter the conference size. We connected over 120k attendees in our largest event!Learn more about conferences

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