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What browsers does the Interactio system support?

Interactio system supports the following browser versions:

Chrome: 58 and up;

Microsoft Edge: 79 and up;

Firefox: 58 and up;

Safari: 12 and up;

Chrome/Chromium: only on Windows and macOS operating systems (with H264 video codec support)

What equipment do I need for on-site meetings?

For on-site meetings, there are different configurations, but this is the minimum equipment that you need to use Interactio:

1. A computer with the Interactio broadcaster installed (Mac or Windows), connected to an ethernet with a 10mbps dedicated bandwidth.

2. USB audio interface to be able to capture the audio from the event

3. Digital video interface to be able to capture the video from the event

4. If attendees use Wi-Fi to listen to the Interactio app, consider a minimum Wi-Fi bandwidth of 0,15Mbps/user (recommended is 0,30Mbps/user and optimal 0,5Mbps/user)

If Interpreters are remote, they will use their own computer, Internet connection, and headsets.

If they are on-site, you will need to either use traditional hardware or have the following for each interpreter:

1. A computer (Mac or Windows) with the newest version of Google Chrome browser;

2. A headset or mic+headphones connected to the computer (for the best quality, we recommend using USB connections);

3. An ethernet cable;

Make sure to always connect your computer to the power source and turn off power-saving options.

To be more specific (and only for Interpreter's console) CPU: everything above Celeron N5000, latest i3-xxxx; latest i5-xxxx will be fine; RAM - at least 4GB (the more the better).

What equipment do I need for remote meetings?

For remote meetings, you will need the following equipment:

1. A laptop/tablet with a compatible browser installed (see the list of compatible browsers)

2. A stable Internet connection; we recommend having a wired internet connection of 10mbps

3. A headset or microphone+headphones

What equipment do I need for hybrid meetings?

Hybrid meetings consist of on-site equipment and Interactio software. Most commonly, the hardware is used for interpreters or on-site participants, while Interactio works as a software that can get audio inputs and give audio outputs. Interactio supports any USB audio interface and is also Dante compatible. With the Interactio broadcaster, you can configure each channel (mono) to have one audio stream/language. The most common setups are the following:
1. Interpreters consoles with Dante protocol (on-site) - Interactio - Listeners (remote)
2. Interpreters remote - Interactio - Listeners with receivers on-site

Is there a limit to how many AV technicians can be connected at the same time?

No. There can be multiple people connected to the same event from different machines.

What are the minimum network requirements for AV Specialists?

Network requirements vary depending on the event setup (number of audio channels, number of video channels, etc.)

For a simple event (1 video feed, 2-3 languages): the AV specialist should have a minimum of 10Mbps upload and download speed.

The more complex the setup is, the higher recommended upload/download speed is.

We highly recommend all AV specialists to have a wired connection.

How do network capabilities affect the quality of participants’ streams?

Network capabilities will affect the participant's stream directly.

150 Kbps: the participant will only be able to listen to the audio uploaded without any video content;

1 Mbps: the participant will receive audio and video with low quality and low frame rate uploaded;

5 Mbps: the participant will receive audio and video with medium quality and average frame rate uploaded;

10-15 Mbps: the participant will receive audio and video with the highest quality and highest frame rate.

For the best user experience, we recommend having a 10-15 Mbps upload and download speed for each participant.

What network capabilities (requirements) do I need to join as an AV manager?

AV Managers working on Interactio AV console are recommended to have a 10-15 Mbps upload/download. The network connection has to be wired (Ethernet cable, not Wi-Fi). 

To check if your device meets network capabilities, use the Interactio troubleshooter

Can Interactio work offline without the Internet on a local Wi-Fi?

No. Interactio multilingual meetings platform does not work exclusively on the local network and requires Internet access.

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