Terms and Conditions



Upon signing the Agreement, both parties agree on the following steps:

1. Customer provides information about the Event at least 3 weeks before the Event.

2. Customer connects Interactio team with their designated technical team/person and network professionals in the venue at least 3 weeks before the Event. After receiving answers about the network configurations, Interactio provides recommendations on the optimal setup in the venue*.

3. Customer receives access to the internal Interactio Event management system, or Interactio team sets up the Event on the Event management system.

4. Interactio provides online technical training and/or consultations between Interactio and the Customer’s tech teams (valid in case of a subscription).

5. Interactio provides sales/communication training for the Customer (valid only for reselling contracts).

6. Customer tests equipment needed for the Event and Interactio software in the Event venue at least 7 days before the actual Event. Once the test is done, the Customer informs Interactio.

7. Interactio gives confirmation if the test was successful.

8. If the test was unsuccessful or any issues occurred:

a) Interactio team contacts the Customer’s technical team to provide recommendations. The Customer then eliminates the issue that caused the unsuccessful test.

b) The Customer’s technical team repeats the test if necessary.

c) Interactio gives confirmation that the Customer can proceed with the Event. If not, repeats step a)

9. The Customer’s technical team or Interactio technical team runs the Event. Interactio technical team support might be available based on the scope of ordered services.

10. After the Event, Interactio provides recordings, statistics, other (if these features were ordered) in 1 week after the Event.

11. If the Customer has access to the Event management system, the Customer agrees to let Interactio know about any upcoming event at least 2 days before the Event via email: success@interactio.io.

* After reviewing the network setup, the Customer might need third party services that might cost extra, e.g., additional equipment, internet services, other.

v. 2023-07-03