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Participant experience

Listen to the interpretation & speak. You told us: we want to keep hearing the interpretation in our native language while speaking. We did it! It’s that easy.
Choose how you view the meeting. Select gallery view or pin an active speaker/participant of your choice. 30 screens for today (and more coming soon!) Experiment with what works best for you. You have the freedom.
See who else is attending. It might seem hard to grow your network without the beloved coffee breaks on-site! Well, not with Interactio. Now you can see the entire list of attendees who participate in the meeting.
Send private chat messages. Get into a 1:1 discussion in a private chat. With the newest Interactio release, you can send a message to any attendee of the meeting.
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Moderator experience

Moderate participant experience. Control the flow of the meeting by renaming participants, lowering all hands, muting/unmuting attendees, and ending the meeting. With Interactio, you own your event.
Be an active participant or remain silent. Who said a moderator is there only to guide the meeting? Participate in the meeting fully if you’d like or remain silent. The choice is yours.
Send private chat messages. Keep the conversation going in private chat messages with the participants. Take questions and answer them live or via chat at your own pace.
Access exclusive statistics and polls live. Spot the number of active participants and viewers and filter the list of attendees by name and status icon. How many people raised their hand or have their mic open? Who voted for which option? You’ll know it first!

Interpreter Experience

Enjoy an intuitive console. Highly intuitive, Interactio interpreter’s console is inspired by the best hardware consoles with minimal distractions. By the way, we support multiple language booths with independent handover notifications. Test it out!
Adjust volume levels. Did you know that long exposure to loud sound is the #1 reason for acoustic shock? Take control of your interpreter’s experience by adjusting the volume levels of the language channels and minimize your health risks.
Chat with your booth partner. It’s all about teamwork, isn’t it? Navigate the interpretation process and stay connected with your booth partner. No more multiple WhatsApp chats needed! You have it all in one place.
Listen to multiple language channels. We love how you stay on top of your game during any event you interpret. Now you can listen to as many language channels as you want for a greater experience.
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Event Organizer Experience

Invite a guest moderator. Bring your event to the next level with our newest feature: invite a guest moderator. From any organization, at any time. You can do it all from the organizer’s panel.
Use SAML authentication for extra security. Invite individual participants to join the meeting while adding an extra layer of security. Verifying the user’s identity has never been easier!

Ensuring interpreting

Stay connected. Chat with your interpreters and let them chat with one another. Communication is key for smooth transitions between co-interpreters.
Video streaming. Let your remote interpreters to see the stage and give them opportunity to fully immerse into live experience. Remember that each speaker has a different body language, gestures, talking pace, style of speech. These details are vital for rich and vivid interpretation.
Try gallery view for maximum engagement. Remote meetings can be engaging with Interactio's new gallery view. Allow up to 30 participants to be visible on the screen. All you need to do is add 1 audio and 1 video channel.
Choose a meeting mode you want. Imagine if there was a button controlling your mic and camera simultaneously. Say no more because we created it. Use a COMBO mic+camera during the meeting or continue with the traditional two separate buttons setup. Up to you. 
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Not fully convinced yet?

Not convinced yet?

Take a look at some extra services that come with the standard features!

Some services to go along all those nice features!

Tech monitoring

As soon as your event starts, the eyes of our tech support team are glued to the monitors, analyzing the network statistics. If something is off, we are first to fix it.


We share our experience of the RSI industry and equip your interpreters and technical team with hands-on skills, so that everyone feels confident in using the Interactio platform at all times.

On-site support

We dedicate our team member(s) for a special mission. They arrive at the venue and take care of all the ‘what if’s’ while you and your attendees enjoy the event experience.

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