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Interactio is a remote simultaneous interpretation platform, providing real-time interpretation during on-site, hybrid, and online events, meetings, and conferences of various scope. Interactio is the ultimate full solution for your meeting. We don’t only provide interpretation services, matching you with the certified interpreters, but also take care of the interpretation technology - hardware or software.

How can you use Interactio?

As a standalone solution

With Interactio, you can organize an in-person event, a virtual conference, or a hybrid meeting from any place on the planet, provided you have stable Internet connectivity. What’s more, you can have an unlimited number of languages at your event (yes, even the rarest ones!) Apart from the client’s favorites - English, Spanish, French, or Chinese languages - our Interpretation Team has worked with Inuktitut and Swahili, and that’s just the beginning!

Alongside other videoconferencing platforms

Interactio platform is compatible with any videoconferencing solution. In 2020, we have worked alongside 43 different applications, including Zoom, Webex, Microsoft Teams, Blue Jeans, and more! While you run your multilingual meetings on a platform of your choice, we connect top-notch certified interpreters on the Interactio soft console. Why should you do it? It’s simple. PRO interpreter experience, stable audio quality of up to 512 kbps, echo cancellation, noise suppression, and dedicated technical support of our technicians.

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Integrated with hardware interpretation equipment

We integrate Interactio interpreter’s soft console with Televic, a trusted provider of hardware conferencing equipment. This way, both on-site and remote interpreters can stay connected, switch channels, do the relay and handover without any manual intervention from the technical team. And event organizers, like you, gain the flexibility of combining Interactio software and on-site interpretation equipment that they already have.

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