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Fear to lose your data online? Here’s 5 ways Interactio protects your data

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In the times when work is remote, entertainment is digital, conferences are hybrid, and calls are virtual, data protection is more important than ever. In fact, privacy and data protection became one of the hottest topics of discussion, both among our customers and Interactio team members.

Some say that going live on the Internet comes with an ultimate risk of losing your sensitive data, but we, at Interactio, disagree.

Here are 5 things Interactio team does to protect your data:

Data encryption

No matter what happens, we always encrypt your data to protect your private details and sensitive information from the unauthorized users. All the info which travels between the Interactio application and our servers is going through the enhanced security encryption.  

To encrypt data at rest, we use the Server-Side encryption (SSE), generating a 1024-bit RSA key pair afterwards. By saving and loading the RSA keys to and from the file system, we encode the data before sending it to the storage. This way, your digital data confidentiality remains hidden from the stranger’s eye.

GDPR compliance

Privacy and security guide the development of Interactio system, as well as all the services we provide. We closely follow GDPR guidelines, recommending our clients to store data in the European data centers.

Together with our customers and partners, we take care of the main principles of GDPR, ready to provide you with privacy notices and data protection agreements.

Role-based access

To go one step further with the data encryption, we secure access to your data with a set of authentication and authorization techniques. With our role-based access control, you’re able to restrict access to your data by leveraging 4 roles functions.

Choose carefully among the 1) moderator; 2) AV specialist; 3) participant; 4) interpreter because each one is limited in their capabilities to make changes on the platform.

Unsure who does what? Our detailed organizer’s guide and extensive experience of the Customer Success team is all you need to choose the exact right function.

Robust protection from cyber attacks

We understand that even the best data encryption cannot save our system from cyber attacks, that’s why we implement different technological measures to protect Interactio tools from cybercriminals.

Just a couple to name, for example: 24/7 network monitoring, storage of logs entries, audit checks, and vulnerability scans.

What’s more, we use a centralized system for the detection and management of IT incidents, capable of automatically detecting and reporting an incident, as well as collecting the data required for IT and incident investigations.

Guaranteed confidentiality

Interactio team remains true to one of our core values – brutal honesty –  when it comes to the issue of privacy and confidentiality. We don’t record and store the audio of your event unless you order the recording in agreement with us beforehand.

Just like us, our partners follow a set of approved policies and procedures, signing robust data processing agreements and conducting independent audits in case of work discrepancies.

It’s time to stop giving cybercriminals a chance to steal your data. Let’s discuss how to ensure your privacy and security regardless of the set-up!

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Published on

October 6, 2021

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