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How to get error-free interpretation: Secret you can't ignore as an event organizer

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Not many people will tell you the truth, but organizing a multilingual event with remote simultaneous interpretation is different from any other challenge you’ve had to tackle in the event industry. 

How so? 

The answer is fairly simple: interpretation. Interpretation is a variable you can’t afford to postpone or, let alone, ignore in the event preparation process. 

After we achieve the first milestone - finding professional interpreters to communicate your message - there’s one more step left to make your event a success. Providing event materials to interpreters in advance. 

Why? Imagine that you’re about to give a public speech on an unfamiliar topic in front of a respected audience, and you come blindsided. You are called on a stage without prior notice. Even though you’re a stellar public speaker - intelligent, well-versed, persuasive - you slip, you stutter. All because you didn’t have a chance to prepare. 

Expecting error-free interpretation from interpreters who didn’t have preparation materials in advance is not any different. That’s why we kindly ask you to look at the event world through the interpreters’ lenses. 

What do interpreters do before your event? 

Every professional interpreter goes through a robust preparation process which takes a minimum of 1 week before interpreting at any event - big or small. Such preparation usually happens at the interpreter’s own expense. 

What exactly do interpreters do? Check the company, organization, and the industry, as well as research the speakers’ bio, and watch any videos of their performances in previous conferences. In addition, professional interpreters analyze the topic-related material and build glossaries in the target language - in other words, specific terminology used in your event. 

We could go into more detail but, instead, we want you to meet Tomomi Inden, a Japanese conference interpreter with 30+ years of experience who’s here to explain how having access to preparation materials would change her work: 

“When I get materials to prepare for any event, big or small, I can get more focus on the coming event. I will do a lot of research based on the materials provided, and if the provision takes place one week in advance, I will have more confidence, feeling sufficiently prepared for the occasion. And people will notice our excellent performance! Just imagine an actor with/without a movie script - we interpreters will try our best in order to embody what should be expected by the Client, the audience, the agent, whoever is involved in this very important event, YOUR event. Let us play our parts with a good script well in advance; you will be amazed to see how well prepared we have become!” 

What will happen if you send the material in advance?

If you take time to send the materials to interpreters in advance, you can count on 

  • Consistent terminology and error-free expressions
  • Precise vocabulary that reflects the content and meaning of the speakers’ words with no things lost in translation
  • Faster and more accurate interpretation
  • Confident interpreters who deliver the information to listeners in a persuasive way.

How can you support a change in the industry?

Prioritize preparing materials for interpreters as soon as you plan on serving a multilingual audience at your event. Remember that quality interpretation cannot happen without extra materials made available in advance. How in advance are we talking? From our close communication with interpreters, we defined one week before the event as a minimum, requested by interpreters to prepare niche vocabulary and get ready to deliver precise interpretation. 

What materials can you prepare?

Any materials you can send in advance significantly help our interpreters. To inspire your imagination, here’s the list of our top picks: 

  • Agenda 
  • Short event description 
  • Videos & their transcription
  • Glossary of the industry terms
  • Final speeches
  • Powerpoint presentations
  • Links to speakers bio
  • Anything else that will be a part of your event

Does that guarantee everything will go smoothly? 

There is no 100% guarantee in the live event industry. However, working with professional interpreters who had an opportunity to prepare for your meeting will considerably increase 

  • Interpretation quality overall
  • Style mirroring
  • Terminology precision
  • Interpretation fluency
  • Interpreter confidence

Let’s work together to set a new standard in the event industry and empower interpreters to bridge communication despite language barriers. 

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Published on

October 6, 2021

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