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Interactio is officially audited by Big 4 accounting firm

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In June 2021, Interactio has been officially audited by the Big 4 accounting firm for the 2020 fiscal year. Led by one of the four biggest auditing companies in the world, Interactio audit proved once again - we are committed to secure and transparent relationships with all stakeholders. 

What is a Big 4 audit? 

Big 4 accounting firm audit is a comprehensive financial audit that inspects our financial accounts and accounting statements. Though it’s not legally required for Interactio to go through an independent assessment, we made a choice to have our financial information audited. 

How it all started

The preparation for a Big 4 audit started at the end of 2020 with multiple questionnaires, financial reports, and auditors’ inquiries of the accounting information. Our financial information was classified not only by taxes, incomes, and obligations but also according to our products. Tatjana Štukova, Interactio Accounting Lead, says that the last two months were particularly intense for the Interactio Accounting Unit who had to balance timely replies to the auditors’ questions and daily commitments to our clients, interpreters, partners, and employees - none of which we could compromise in quality. 

What does Big 4 audit mean for Interactio?

Successful Big 4 Audit is an independent, unbiased assessment that confirms the high quality of our financial and accounting management. With the stellar expertise and years of experience brought by an independent auditing firm, we are also proud to take an opportunity to learn and improve processes in the accounting unit. 

Benefits for the Interactio community 

Entrusted by our clients, interpreters, investors, and partners, Interactio holds the responsibility to maintain high standards across all the business domains. Our successful Big 4 Audit stands as evidence of reasonable risk-management and uncompromising prevention of money laundering. All stakeholders who choose Interactio can be confident in our compliance with the statutory requirements and best fraud detection practices. Interactio is honored to support key international institutions with high-quality multilingual meeting solutions and stands strong to ensure security and privacy in all transactions. 

What will be the next steps for us?

  • Complete recommendations from the auditors. As we strive for utmost security and transparency, we will complete the recommendations from accounting firm auditors to further improve our processes. 
  • Prepare for the 2021 preliminary audit. Interactio accounting team is getting ready for the preliminary audit which will serve as an early phase of the complete 2021 audit. 
  • Scale the team. High financial standards require a growth-oriented team to implement best practices. We continuously hire to expand our financial department and unite the global talent in one mission.
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Published on

October 6, 2021

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