Event industry trends: What to expect in 2022

As we enter the third year of this pandemic, one thing remains clear – business travel and in-person meetings are still in a haze of uncertainty. You've likely already heard this statement: hybrid events are here to stay. Yet there’s much more to expect in 2022.

By supporting 42K+ events in virtual, hybrid, and on-site settings, we know how challenging event planning can get. To figure out what the “next normal” will be, we took a deep dive into the future of the event industry.

We based this report on the personal experiences of event organizers, aggregated data, and overall event management trends.

Event trends we'll be watching in 2022:

  • Event technology will become more important – but not most important
  • Year-round engagement will become crucial
  • The importance of data ownership will rise as virtual experiences gain steam

And this is just a taste of what you can expect. To read the full report, download our free event trends ebook.