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Real-time interpreting on video-meetings

Multilingual web conferencing is no longer a thing from the future. Just think about it. Zoom interpretation, simultaneous interpretation in Webex meetings, or Microsoft Teams in real-time make online communication in a preferred language possible. You simply sit down, plug your headphones in, choose your language channel, and enjoy the meeting. That’s what we mean when we talk about Interactio compatibility with any video-conferencing solution.



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Why choose Interactio integrations with
video-conferencing platforms?

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Compatibility with any video-conferencing platform

Interactio remote simultaneous platform is compatible with any video-conferencing technology. Yes, you heard it right! Zoom, Cisco, Webex, Microsoft Teams, Blue Jeans, Hopin, and more. Choose the best video-conferencing tool for your meeting, and we’ll take care of real-time interpreting.

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High scalability, suitable even for large video- meetings

Hosting a meeting with a large international team? We know the struggle of accommodating thousands of participants in need of interpretation online. With Interactio software, you can provide audio interpretation for twenty thousand participants per one meeting room.

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PRO interpreter experience

Interactio software takes Zoom interpreter function to the next level, offering smooth handover, relay, and chats to ensure quality video-conferencing language translation. No matter what video-conferencing technology you pick, remote interpreters will access the Interactio intuitive soft console.

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Dedicated support for all your needs

Interactio team is here to answer all your questions before, during, or after the event. Email, chat, or call us at any hour, in any time zone! Your dedicated account manager will oversee the event from start to finish, and our technicians will monitor your video-meeting remotely.

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Stable audio quality of up to 510 kbps

Audio and video quality can make or break your meeting. With Interactio video-conferencing integrations, you receive a stable crystal clear audio quality with a minimum of 64 kbps, going all the way to 510 kbps. Not to mention echo cancellation, noise suppression, and automatic gain control features for consistent sound.

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Certified interpreters in any language

Looking for fully-trained, highly qualified interpreters in Spanish, French, English, Italian, German, or any other language? No need to waste time looking for real-time interpreting services. Our Interpretation Team is ready to step in, bringing quality simultaneous interpretation in any language.

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