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Discover the benefits of Interactio hardware integrations for multilingual meetings

Connect interpreters working remotely and on-site to deliver live interpretation in an unlimited number of languages. Keep your existing hardware and integrate seamlessly with our remote interpretation platform.

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Choose the right hardware integration for you


Want to keep working with traditional interpretation hardware? No problem! Our online platform is compatible with all your Televic hardware.


Already using SIP conferencing protocol? Integrate SIP with our platform and have participants connect to your event without a computer.

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Have hardware you want to integrate? Let us know! Our software is compatible with a range of conferencing equipment.

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Why integrate your hardware with Interactio multilingual meetings platform

Benefits for event organizers

  • No extra hardware costs. Continue using your local interpretation infrastructure on-site. One integration – no additional hardware needed.

  • Remote interpreters. Set up a hybrid interpreters team – with professionals working on-site and remotely. Connect remotely through our virtual interpreter console.

  • Unlimited number of languages. Give participants access to live interpretation in any language – even the rarest ones!

Benefits for interpreters

  • Extended functionality. Switch easily between hardware and software interpreter consoles. Our soft console is inspired by the best traditional hardware so you can have a truly advanced user experience.

  • Improved communication. Use our virtual booth chat to keep in touch with on-site and remote interpreters for smooth handovers.

  • Smooth handover. Listen to the event floor and your booth partner simultaneously for a smoother handover and own your interpretation experience.

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