Interactio & Televic: First smart integration for hybrid meetings

Host multilingual hybrid events easily with Interactio smart integration with Televic

Why integrate with Televic?

  • Combine advanced remote interpreting features of Interactio platform with familiar on-site hardware.

  • Reach a global audience and interpret your events in an unlimited number of languages.

  • Connect interpreters working remotely and on-site.

Benefits of Interactio smart integration with Televic

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Unlimited languages

Interpret your meeting in an unlimited number of languages. With direct Televic integration, you can accommodate more interpreters on-site and online.

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Remote interpreters

Let interpreters connect through on-site booths or remotely from anywhere in the world.

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High-quality audio

Enjoy crystal-clear audio for your participants and interpreters – up to 510 kbps.

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No audio delay

Connect with your audience through high-quality interpretation. In real-time.

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Flexible event setup

Extend interpretation to meeting rooms of any size – for all participants, in any language.

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Eco-friendly solution

Minimize your carbon footprint. Let participants and interpreters connect remotely – no need for traveling.

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Fully-remote professional working environment for interpreters

Easy handovers

Use our two-step mic handover to switch with your on-site or remote booth partner.

Quality assurance

Access information on the relay, sound, and connection quality for enhanced performance.

Improved communication

Keep in contact with remote colleagues through our booth chat function.

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Our journey towards smart integration with Televic

Beginning of the pandemic

The global COVID-19 pandemic forced European institutions and international organizations to move their global discussions online.

Identifying challenges

Organizations needed to keep distraction-free decision-making. Yet, travel restrictions and lockdowns disturbed multilingual event participation. Connecting remote and on-site participants in their native languages became a challenge.

Searching for solutions

Televic has been the leading hardware supplier for major European institutions. However, they were missing software that could directly interconnect with hardware consoles to bridge on-site and remote interpreters and attendees.

First stages of our integration

Here, Interactio solution came to the rescue with the required RSI software to integrate with Televic hardware. Finally, organizations could stream interpretation to the cloud and the meeting room. At once, in real-time! Of course, the first integration had room for more advanced functionality development.

Full smart Televic integration

Today, Interactio smart integration with Televic works with democracy at its heart. Our direct integration has become a one-in-all solution for hybrid governmental meetings, bridging interpreters and participants around the globe at any time, in any language. We hold 30+ daily meetings for one of the biggest European institutions!

What people say about us

Frédéric Pirotte
Head of the Technical Compliance team, DG Interpretation

“The biggest baptism of fire came on May 4th, 2020, when Interactio became the platform of choice for the Coronavirus Global Response Pledging Event organized by the European Commission and broadcasted live all over the world. The Heads of the State and Government, as well as other major donors and research institutions, connected to the smooth, user-friendly, and performant platform and pledged substantial amounts for the common fight against the pandemic.”

Frédéric Pirotte
Head of the Technical Compliance team, DG Interpretation

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