Interactio connects 100+ EU diplomats in an online institutional meeting

Urząd Marszałkowski Województwa Podkarpackiego (later referred to as UMWP) is a regional administration office of the Podkarpackie region, established in 1999, the city of Rzeszów, Poland. Like many other public entities, UMWP had to adjust to the new dynamics of governmental meetings. The reality of the pandemic regulations put conventional stationery meetings at risk. Thinking of going remote, Mr. Władysław Ortyl, Marshal of the Podkarpackie region, mentioned Interactio as the platform that gained recognition among the European diplomats, mainly for its intuitive set-up and high accessibility. That’s where the organization decided to seek remote multilingual meeting solutions.

Event date:

June 18, 2020



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Interactio multilingual video-meeting platform

Client testimonial


“Our participants took a great interest in the Interactio platform and its intuitive set-up. I think one of the reasons why Interactio is so successful on the market is that everyone in the team finds time to answer questions, reply to emails fast, and make as many tests as needed to make the client confident in using the platform.”

Justyna Rog, UMWP

About the event

Planning to host a remote meeting for 100 diplomats, UMWP doubted the convenience of the applications that currently exist on the market. With years of governmental experience, UMWP had high standards for security and confidentiality. What’s more, none of the invited speakers from the European Commission spoke Polish, so having a precise interpretation was a pillar to the meeting’s success.

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technical issues

10 hours

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We used these Interactio services

Most loved Interactio features by UMWP

Interactio full solution

UMWP didn’t have to worry about using multiple videoconferencing apps to make the multilingual meeting happen. One meeting - one Interactio platform!

Live polls & surveys

UMWP diplomats enjoyed an interactive experience with real-time polls and surveys. With Interactio, voting can be engaging - even in remote meetings.

Role-based access control (RBAC)

Privacy and security were vital to UMWP! That’s why we carefully restricted access to the Interactio system to authorized users only.

Moderator console

UMWP used the moderator console, gaining complete control over the flow of their event and access to exclusive real-time statistics.

This event’s security was assured by:

Karolis Aulosevičius

DPO at InteractioInternational

“The Compliance and Security team's mission is to ensure that we provide secure and reliable service to every single customer in the whole world. We do that with passion and appreciation.”

Karolis Aulosevičius - DPO at Interactio

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