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Success story: Polish Governmental Institution: UMWP

This is a story of how we helped one Polish governmental institution to connect 100 diplomats using one tool only!
Polish Governmental Institution: UMWP

“Our participants took a great interest in Interactio platform and its intuitive set-up. I think one of the reasons why Interactio is so successful on the market is that everyone in the team finds time to answer questions, reply to emails fast, and make as many tests as needed to make the client confident in using the platform.”

Justyna Rog


Urząd Marszałkowski Województwa Podkarpackiego (later referred to as UMWP) is a regional administration office of the Podkarpackie Region, located in Poland. This public entity is not only home to the Marshal and his team but also a place where the annual diplomatic visits of European diplomats take place.

The idea of using Interactio services came unexpectedly – from Mr Władysław Ortyl, Marshal of the Podkarpackie Region and member of the European Commission Committee of the Region.

As UMWP was searching for a suitable application, Mr Ortyl mentioned that Interactio platform gained great popularity and recognition among the European diplomats, mainly for its intuitive set-up and easy usage.


Like many other public entities, UMWP had to adjust to the new dynamics of governmental meetings. The reality of the pandemic regulations put conventional stationery meetings at risk, making the organization seek remote solutions.

Main Concern

Planning to host a remote meeting for 100 diplomats for the first meeting, UMWP doubted the convenience of the applications currently existing on the market. The stakes were high: precision of interpretation, latency, quality of the video/audio, as well as data protection of all the participants had to be flawless. As none of the invited speakers from European Commission spoke Polish, the success of the entire event was in the hands of the Interactio team.


UMWP handled a 10-hour long event fully relying on our remote participant panel. The video of the speaker was broadcasted on a big screen for better user experience while the moderator’s panel was integrated in the external monitor.

Moreover, the organization trusted the success of their event in the hands of Interactio interpreters, saving the time and expenditures on their technical training. Our team of professional interpreters came prepared for the long remote meeting, ready to deliver precise interpretation on the SIDP tool.


Using Interactio multilingual remote participant tool helped UMWP:

  • To connect 100 Polish and English speakers in a 10-hour long remote meeting
  • To handle the entire event using one software without the need to integrate with other video conferencing solutions
  • To avoid expenditures on technical training of the certified interpreters

What’s next

The future of the governmental meetings remain uncertain in Poland as the world is preparing for the second wave of the Coronavirus pandemic. Despite all the qualms, UMWP knows for sure, the next multilingual events will, once again, be put in the hands of the Interactio team.

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