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Success story: European Commission

That’s a story of how Interactio platform united leaders from 40+ countries in a very special mission. Read more about our team’s effort against the Coronavirus pandemic #maythe4thbewithyou
Brussels, Belgium
European Commission

“The biggest baptism of fire came the 4th May 2020 when Interactio became the platform of choice for the Coronavirus Global Response Pledging Event organized by the European Commission and broadcasted live all over the world. The Heads of State and Government as well as other major donors and research institutions connected to the smooth, user-friendly and performant platform and pledged substantial amounts for the common fight against the pandemic.”

Frederic Pirotte, Head of the Technical Compliance Team, DG Interpretation


On May 4th, European Commission invoked world leaders, representatives of research institutions, and major benefactors worldwide to pledge donations in response to the Coronavirus crisis. “Coronavirus Global Response” international pledging conference was held on the same day as the International Star Wars celebration.

Encouraged to stand “on the light side” and support Gali, vaccine alliance, key figures in politics, science, and philanthropy were called on to collect 7.5B euros to protect the disadvantaged.


Strict quarantine regulations divided the states geographically, urging for novel digital solutions in creating hybrid events. Rather than gathering the donors under one roof in Brussels, European Commission had to find a timely and accessible way to share the message from more than 40 countries digitally.

Main Concern

European Commission expressed a concern about high quality streaming of audio and video during a hybrid meeting. The message was expected to be transmitted from three separate channels: studio, pre-recorded videos, and remote live reports.

Ensuring a smooth connection between the European Commission onsite interpreters and remote participants of the event was a top priority for simultaneous interpretation.


European Commission integrated Interactio audio and video stream in partnership with Televic Conference equipment. With the help of our remote participation platform, world leaders joining the meeting digitally were successfully connected with interpreters on the European Commission premises.

As a result, the message was shared in English, German, French, Spanish, Arabic, and Chinese languages in real time.


The Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel, the President of France, Emmanuel Macron, the Prime Minister of Japan, Shinzō Abe, American philanthropist, Melinda Gates, and leaders of more than 40 other nations from Europe, Australia, Asia, North, and South America united against Coronavirus digitally on the Interactio remote participation panel. 

Using Interactio services helped European Commission 

  • To conduct a hybrid event with three separate channels of communication
  • To integrate audio and video stream in partnership with Televic Conference equipment 
  • To deliver the message in 6 languages simultaneously 
  • To connect onsite interpreters on the European Commission premises with remote participants 
  • To restream the event on multiple channels, including their website, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube
  • To customize the background picture


Frederic Pirotte, Head of the Technical Compliance Team, DG Interpretation said that “although most of the participants are distant, they can benefit from interpretation from and into the language of their choice just like they would in a physical meeting”

Coronavirus global response pledging conference was “successful high-level event – a milestone for everybody involved. We would like to sincerely thank Interactio for their tireless preparation work, dedication, availability and unrelenting support throughout the event. We are very much looking forward to further cooperation”

What’s next?

The fight against the Coronavirus is far from being over. Yet, our team looks forward to further cooperation with European Commission on a weekly basis, connecting the world leaders in hundreds of virtual rooms for remote participation.

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