On-site and online interpretation solution for houses of worship

  • Internet-powered listener app
  • On-site or remote interpreters

Uniting communities in houses of worship

Growing a strong community in your church, synagogue, or mosque is not an easy task, especially with a diverse congregation that speaks different languages. Good news, you’re not alone in your journey! Over the past 7 years, the Interactio team supported 1,500+ religious events, enabling Elevation Church, Hillsong, The Send, Victory Church, and many more to break down language barriers and unite their communities with one aim.

Connecting listeners online and in-person

With the Interactio App, no matter where your listeners are – attending the service in-person or joining online – everyone can listen to the message in their preferred language. Your congregation can download the mobile application on iOS and Android and listen to the interpretation on-site or in the comfort of their own homes, using a smartphone, tablet, or computer. It’s that easy!

How Interactio works

Why Interactio is the right platform for houses of worship

Internet-powered app

With minimal internet access, Interactio runs on Wi-Fi or mobile data and fully replaces hardware interpretation equipment. It’s true, you no longer have to distribute receivers & headsets prior to the event, sanitize, and charge them afterward. Attendees simply download the Interactio App on their own devices and use their own earbuds.

Remote interpreters

Finding high-quality interpreters on a budget can be challenging. What if we told you that Interactio can match you with a certified interpreter for virtually any language? What’s more, you don’t have to worry about those bulky booths with all our interpreters working remotely.

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