Connecting the global community during Wikimedia’s 20th anniversary

Wikimedia Foundation is a global movement committed to bringing free and accessible educational content to people with different cultural and language backgrounds. Founded in 2003 to support Wikipedia and other open-source educational initiatives, it strives to deliver high-quality information free of charge. Looking for better ways to connect the non-English speaking community, Wikimedia Foundation turned to Interactio.

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August 13-17, 2021



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Integrations with Remo and Jitsi

Client testimonial


“The Interactio solution has been amazing during this year’s first fully virtual Wikimania event. The virtual setup is plug and play and user-friendly, and it brought our international community together.”

Elfego Solares, Lead Project Manager at Wikimedia Foundation

About the event

Wikimania is an annual event organized by the Wikimedia Foundation to bring together the community of volunteers and showcase their work. This year, the goal was more ambitious than ever: a 20th anniversary milestone to celebrate and no ability to come together in person for the first time.

The organizers set out to unite the global community in an online space and destroy language barriers in a multilingual conversation. To host their biggest virtual get-together, Wikimania needed a solution with the ability to connect people across 5 timezones, through 2 different platforms, and in 7 languages.

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technical issues

5 days

Event length

We used these Interactio services

Most Loved Interactio features by Wikimedia

User-friendly audio interpretation

Wikimania’s listeners enjoyed audio interpretation through a user-friendly and accessible mobile app. No hardware needed.

Software integration

Interactio has successfully integrated remote interpreting services with 2 interactive open-source platforms of the organizer’s choice: Remo and Jitsi.

Event streaming analytics 

Wikimania organizers received a detailed event report at the end of the conference: number of listeners, stream duration, jitter, loss, and more.

Audio recordings

Wikimedia Foundation received audio recordings of the 5-day event in multiple languages to ease the preparation process for the next conference.

This event’s security was assured by:

Karolis Aulosevičius

DPO at InteractioInternational

“The compliance and security team's mission is to ensure that we provide secure and reliable service to every single customer in the whole world. We do that with passion and appreciation.”

Karolis Aulosevičius - DPO at Interactio

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