Supporting UNEP in the UNEA-5 and UNEP@50

UNEP (United National Environmental Programme) is the leading environmental authority in the United Nations system. UNEP serves as an advocate and educator for the global environment, promoting sustainable development within the UN.  

UNEP's mission is to lead and encourage partnership in caring for the environment. The organization inspires, informs, and enables nations to improve their quality of life without compromising future generations.

Headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya, UNEP works through its divisions and regional, liaison, and out-posted offices, as well as a growing network of collaborating centers of excellence.

UNEP closely collaborates with its 193 Member States and representatives from civil society, businesses, and other major groups and stakeholders to address environmental challenges through the UNEA (UN Environment Assembly), the world's highest-level environmental decision-making body.

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February 21 – March 4, 2022


The United Nations office in Nairobi, Kenya

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Interactio full solution

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“It was a definite pleasure to cooperate with Interactio throughout the preparation and organization of the UNEP preparatory and Assembly meetings. I found the platform to work very well with the seamless interpretation offered to both in-person and online delegates.”

Ulf Björnholm, Deputy Secretary of Governing Bodies at UN Environment Programme

About the event

Interactio served UNEP in a two-week series of events: one week of 24/7 preparatory meetings, three days of UNEA-5, and a two-day high-level event to mark the 50th anniversary of the establishment of UNEP. 

This year, UNEA-5 focused on the pivotal role of nature in social, economic, and environmentally sustainable development. Member States shared the best practices for sustainability. 

The event series brought around 3400 in-person and 1800 online participants from 175 countries, 100 civil society organizations, and nearly 70 international organizations. UNEA-5 marked exceptional results, including a political declaration, 14 resolutions, and one adopted decision. While it was the first-ever hybrid meeting for UNEA, it saw record numbers in participation: over 5200 people connected through a seamless hybrid event experience.

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2 weeks

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Most loved Interactio features

Most loved Interactio features by UNEP

Advanced functionality

UNEP enjoyed our user-friendly platform, emphasizing its unlimited features for a smooth hybrid meeting experience. Most importantly – with zero interruptions. 

Advanced functionality

UNEP enjoyed our user-friendly platform, emphasizing its unlimited features for a smooth hybrid meeting experience. Most importantly – with zero interruptions. 

Sound quality

UNEP highlighted the exceptional audio quality – participants say it was hard to distinguish if a speaker was in the same room or on the other side of the world!

Raise hand function

We successfully matched the UNEP’s values – transparency and opportunity for everyone to be heard – with the raise hand feature, allowing the moderator to give the word to speak in the correct sequence. 

Chat function

All participants and interpreters could seamlessly interact through our in-platform chat function, driving engagement and easing the interpretation experience.

This event’s security was assured by:

Karolis Aulosevičius

DPO at InteractioInternational

“The Compliance and Security team's mission is to ensure that we provide secure and reliable service to every single customer in the whole world. We do that with passion and appreciation.”

Karolis Aulosevičius – DPO at Interactio

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