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Success story: Interpretes de Barcelona

This is the story of how we helped a Spanish-based team of professionals to operate during the lockdown. Imagine the struggle of hasty transitioning to the digital format after years of on-site interpretation. This is exactly what Interpretes de Barcelona experienced.
Barcelona, Catalonia
Interpreters de Barcelona

“Interactio took away all the problems related to interpretation from our shoulders. It was easy and less expensive than we thought. We certainly had a nice experience and will do more digital multilingual events in the future”

Aleksandra Mironiuk, Senior Special Events Associate


Interpretes de Barcelona is a Spanish-based company, specializing in the translation of documents and simultaneous interpretation of conferences, seminars, courses, and meetings.

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, the team frequently traveled overseas to provide custom interpretation service in medicine, economics, science, technology, and sport. However, more than 3 months-long Spanish lockdown put the work of Interpretes de Barcelona at risk.


Traveling restrictions in Spain urged the company to look for alternative ways of delivering interpretation services. Unable to work from the office, interpreters had to move their live-meetings of up to 20 people online, seeking an accessible tool with a high audio quality.

After a short discussion, a dedicated team of tech support specialists and customer success managers at Interactio jumped on-board to assist Interpetes de Barcelona in their hasty transition to the digital format.

Main Concern

Jaime Riera, CEO at Interpretes de Barcelona, said that testing remote interpretation platforms in the past made him hesitant to embark on the new journey. Bad audio quality remained the main concern for the organization, putting the long-built reputation at stake.


Interpretes de Barcelona shows exemplary flexibility in the uncertain times of the remote work. As Interactio multilingual remote participation tool can be used alone and integrated, the company began with Zoom and Skype integrations, preparing for the larger events.

In the upcoming months, Interpretes de Barcelona plan to test the grounds of the remote panel to apply Interactio solution fully.


Using Interactio services helped Interpretes de Barcelona

  • To provide solution other professional interpretation services were not able to during the lockdown
  • To allow flexible integration with the chosen software upon clients’ request
  • To transition to the remote format without compromising audio quality


Riera says that Interactio platform provides good quality and price. The team works efficiently and has solutions to most of the questions, even if they are last-minute inquiries.

Interpreters’ perspective on moving online

Interpretes de Barcelona recognizes that the market reality has changed. As little as half a year ago, the company held primarily live-meetings with a few Skype calls and small online meetings.

New digital format requires more attention and heavily depends on the Internet. Some time should pass before clients educate themselves on the new market situation, purchasing proper equipment to modulate the sound.

Nevertheless, remote interpreting definitely saves the hassle of logistics, constant traveling, and uncomfortable hotel beds. Apart from an opportunity to work from home, remote tools like Interactio is a strong response to environmental pollution.

Last-minute advice from Interpretes de Barcelona

Riera says that the main reason for holding meetings is to communicate the message. In this case, the location and channel don’t matter. What truly matters is finding a platform which can stream audio and video well, supporting remote interpreters.

What’s next?

Interpretes de Barcelona plan to proceed with Interactio remote panel in the upcoming summer and fall. With 12 successful events supported already, Interactio team doesn’t stop assisting Barcelona professionals. Though many trends in the interpretation industry still remain unclear due to the virus outbreak, there’s little doubt that the shift toward remote simultaneous interpretation has already happened.

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