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Success Story: UN CBD

This is a story of how we helped United Nations Convention of Biological Diversity to communicate impactful ideas in 6 languages and engage in active discussion fully remotely despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic 
Montreal, Canada
United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity

“Interactio team is always there for you. They listen to the customer and take action by bringing solutions to your problems - before, during, and after the meetings. Our UN interpreters are particularly pleased with the assistance provided.”

Nader Ibrahim


The Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) is a multilateral treaty within the United Nations which serves as the international legal instrument for mediating the discussion on biological diversity. Setting a course for the sustainable future of the planet, CBD covers a wide array of domains including but not limited to science, education, and politics. Every year delegates participate in X multilingual meetings with 6 main languages of interpretation. 


Current quarantine regulations urge the UN Secretariat to look for novel digital solutions for daily operations and internal meetings. While the COVID-19 continues separating the delegates geographically, hard work needs to continue in the remote format.

Main concern 

When testing the shortlisted remote simultaneous interpretation options, UN CBD expressed concerns about the security and the quality of the audio and video streamed to and from interpreters. Therefore, Interactio puts high security standards and quality technical assistance as key priorities supporting the UN Secretariat. 


Out of all Interactio products, UN CBD chose Interactio all-in-one video conferencing platform with simultaneous interpretation to host their daily operational meetings. With the help of Interactio remote participation platform, UN CBD delegates engage in the discussion in six languages, connect via live chat, participate in polls, upload/download files, and use slides in their moderated meetings. Interactio teams ensures the success of the daily meetings with a 24/7 dedicated project management team and senior engineers ready to find a technical solution tailored to the individuals needs of the Secretariat. 


Using Interactio services helped UN CBD 

  • To connect UN delegates on the all-in-one multilingual participant platform with no need to integrate an external party solution 
  • To communicate impactful ideas in 6 languages 
  • To engage in active discussion fully remotely despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic 
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