How to choose an interpretation platform for your pharmaceutical company?

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In event management, especially in the medical field, preparation is key. We work closely with event organizers and have hosted over 42,000 online, on-site, and hybrid events with remote simultaneous interpretation (RSI). So we know this first-hand. We're the highest-rated RSI solution in the market. Having worked with companies like Takeda, we know exactly what a multilingual event needs to look and feel like in the pharmaceutical field. 

Choosing a good platform with real-time translation for your event participants goes beyond the features and services provided because the virtual environment is still new. Different kinds of meetings and industries need particular features and approaches. It comes down to combining technology with the human factor, which is as tricky as ever.

Knowing that you will have the best professional interpreters in the market or that your meetings will have technical support is nice, but what about the platform's reliability? Is it flexible enough for your needs? How much control will you have over event management and the flow of the meetings? What kind of support will you need? How reliable and safe is it?

We’ve prepared some key points to consider when choosing a remote simultaneous interpretation platform for your pharmaceutical company’s internal and external events with synchronic translation. So let's dive right in!

Complex hybrid setups and accessibility

The times when on-site interpretation was the only available option are long gone, and modern, more complex solutions are needed. As much reliability as an on-site bulletproof setup gives you, it also limits the audience by accessibility. 

Hybrid, many argue, is the approach of the future. If you’re planning an event that's both multilingual and accessible to people worldwide, look for RSI solutions that support hybrid formats and adjust to your needs. 

After all, no hybrid event is created equal; even the definition is changing, and your hybrid event with synchronic translation might differ from a “standard” setup. Modern RSI solutions are equipped to overcome language barriers and deliver interpretation in the most complex setups, ensuring a safe and smooth connection in the process.

Interactio caters to all possible formats, from the most simple to the most complex. And it delivers interpretation for online, hybrid, and on-site events alike. We have 976K+ happy listeners and many hybrid events with custom approaches to prove it. Whether half of your audience is in the conference room and half is across the globe, your interpreter team is on-site or connecting from their home stations – we have your back!

Take a look at how we support organizations worldwide.

Safe and compliant platform

It might also seem like having your event in one place is the safest option. Of course, everything is in your and your team's hands' reach. However, with the involvement of technology and modern cybersecurity threats, physical and remote meetings alike need special attention to compliance and ensuring privacy. 

How do RSI solutions ensure synchronic interpretation won't get disrupted during a meeting? What are security measures taken to ensure that your events are as safe as if you were guarding them?

RSI platforms have the highest security standards and certifications, but the success rates speak for themselves. Having conquered a record of 120,000 attendees supported simultaneously, the Interactio platform has 0 identified incidents to date.

Interactio partners with AWS, with all of our servers located in Europe, and ensures that all of our servers are ISO-certified. Our network guarantees regionally replicated backup and failover for a reliable system. Even if there are connection issues, we have a reliable backup so that your attendees and interpreters don't notice a thing. 

We also ensure that your event is protected with: 

  • SAML authentication to control who enters the meeting.
  • ISO/IEC 27001 compliance for best security standards.
  • The newest and most relevant cybersecurity measures from 12 security certificates and membership in 15 industry associations.
  • GDPR and HIPAA approval to safeguard users' privacy and data.

Best audio and video quality

Nothing compares to the quality of on-site events, right? After all, nothing is as reliable as a real-life experience. Or is it?

Video-conferencing solutions have come a long way since the start of the pandemic and now provide users with high-quality media during all kinds of events. However, for events with synchronous translation, audio and video are crucial so that neither the message nor the visual gets lost through the screen.  

Interactio, in addition to security and reliability, serves our multilingual events with: 

  • Up to 510 kbps audio for the highest audio quality on the market.
  • Less than 200 ms latency for uninterrupted interpretation.
  • ISO 24019 audio compliance tested by renowned sound labs.
  • Echo cancellation and noise-suppression for no interruptions during your conversations.

With events on our platform, rest assured that your attendees receive the message in the most pristine quality possible. 


During the event, be it an online or a physical meeting, the human factor is everywhere because it's about connection: between speakers and the audience, between interpreters and the listeners, and so on. 

With RSI solutions, nothing is set in stone, which is what flexibility is all about. Forget about meetings that look and feel the same. Some solutions allow you to be as agile as you need.

At Interactio, we take your success personally and customize your event experience to the fullest, from tailoring a solution to your specific meetings to customizing event materials. For example, we:

Let us know what your event needs, and we'll make it happen!

All-in-one solution

Meeting preparation can get overwhelming with all the software solutions for complex events. And if you add translation into the mix, you might think your event needs more third-party applications and support.

With RSI solutions, it’s no longer the case. These platforms provide flexibility and all the needed features in one place. That’s right – there’s no demand for other external software to check all of your boxes, no matter how extensive your needs are. 

Interactio is an all-in-one solution for multilingual meetings. Remote and on-site participation, interpretation of any kind, engagement features like live polls, messages, statistics, and more, all in one place! 

See how we support meetings worldwide with no external software and distractions. 

Full control 

When your event is happening at a set venue or a familiar video-conferencing platform, you're in control: you decide on your interpreter team, audience experience, and speaker lineup. However, the time when the level of control in online events was limited to just picking languages and changing meeting names is long gone. 

Need to manage your event from A to Z and control the meeting fully? RSI tools allow you to do just that, with more possibilities than ever.

Interactio provides dedicated project management and the possibility to manage events independently. What does it mean for you? You are the one who is making choices: about your event setup, location, look, and technical support.

  • We host meetings on our dedicated meeting platform and integrate with popular video-conferencing platforms.
  • You, as a moderator, have access to live and after-event statistics to monitor the success of your meetings.
  • You know in real-time what your interpreters and participants are feeling via live chat functionality, and you can connect with technical support live if any issues arise.
  • Our event managers guide you, but you can also manage your meetings independently, as many of our partners do.
  • You can choose from an unlimited number of languages and qualified interpreters on our database.

Tailor-made for interpreters

If you have your interpreters for live translation, you want to ensure that your team is familiar and comfortable with the platform they will use for interpretation. How do you guarantee they are acclimated to the console with so many other solutions available?

Modern RSI solutions for synchronic translation are made with interpreters in mind. Interactio's interpreter console is created with the best practices of traditional hardware equipment but allows more flexibility in terms of location and new features. 

Our dedicated team also provides intensive and in-depth training on the use of our platform so that your interpreters are confident in using it and nothing gets lost in translation. 

Wrapping up

When choosing an RSI platform for your company, don't just focus on individual features but look at the bigger picture. It’s essential to get to know the solution, test it, and build trust with your RSI provider in the preparation stage. 

On-site and remote solutions are different, but it doesn't mean one is more reliable, flexible, or versatile than the other. In the end, it's all about knowing the format you choose for the event and testing it beforehand. We would love to chat about how we can make your event special!

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Apr 29, 2022

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